Men in Tights

  • When:10-31-2012
  • QIC: CounterTop
  • The PAX: Ocho Cinco, Spuds, Cracker Packer, Coal Miners Daughter, Dolphin, Bug Eater, Mall Cop, Thin Crust, Wanker, Slap Shot, Donkey Kong, Uncle Leo, The Drill, Hops, Wanker, Joker, Callaway, Tiger Rag, Header, Harley, McGee, Far Side, Lost Weekend, Short Sale, Dora, Ice Hole, Cowboy

Men in Tights

28 Faithful gathered in the Gloom of Death Valley

The Thang

· Mosey to upper baseball field (COP)
· SSH x 20
· Imperial Walkers x 20
· Shores Shoulders
· Merkins x 15
· LBC x20
· Mosey to football field

Crawls and Burpees at Football Field
· Run x 50 yards / Bear Crawl x 50 yards / Spartan Race Burpees x30 (Plank until all PAX finish)
· Backward Run x 50 yards / Backward Bear Crawl x 50 yards / Spartan Race Burpees x20 (Plank until all PAX finish)
· Run x 50 yards / Spider Man x 50 yards / Spartan Race Burpees x20 (Plank until all PAX finish)
· Backward Run x 50 yards / Backward Walking Lunge x 50 yards / Spartan Race Burpees x20 (Plank until all PAX finish)

6 Minutes of Mary on the Football Field (COP)
· Dolly x 20 (hold)
· Flutter x 15
· Rosalita x 20 (hold)
· Flutter x 15
· Freddy Mercury (bicycle) x 15
· Knee ups x 15

Walking lunge up sidewalk (A Death Valley tradition) / Mosey to Baseball fields

F300 (Prototype) Break into 3 groups at Baseball Fields
· Merkins x100 (20 dmd/30 wide/50 reg)
· Squats x 100 (50 reg/50 wide alternating)
· LBC x 100 (50 Reg / 25 Cross each side)

Mosey to Parking Lot for COT


Mcgee was wearing mittens. Could have been an F3 first. hmm…

An attempt to implement “Shores Shoulders” during the warm up quickly went south and wound up feeling more the “Flight of the Dodo” with legs wide and arms flappin.

The F300 (Prototype) crashed and burned this a.m. due to bad design.  Look for a new and improved model in weeks to come.

Several men, including YHC, posted this a.m. wearing compression pants (AKA tights). A very manly display in the opinion of some. However, TR can be quoted as saying “Men in tights in any weather is silly. In 42 degree weather, its plain pitiful. Get your purse out of the way Nancy”

… Compression pants or not, no Nancy’s posted Death Valley on this crisp morning.  Aye

– CT

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11 years ago

Great workout, Countertop. Still feelin’ it. I need to post at DV more often.

And don’t worry about Tiger Rag and his man-tights fetish. He’s just sore that he doesn’t look as good in them as the rest of us.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
11 years ago

aye, sorry I missed this morning’s fun… had early morning meetings. sounds like you boys had a blast!

11 years ago

Definitely a few wardrobe malfunctions in the gloom this morning. Thankfully it was very dark. Personally, I’m not a fan of “compression pants” [aka man-tights], but I see no issue with the PAX making this wardrobe selection, so long as said PAX wears appropriate outer wear on top of the man-tights, avoiding any gratuitous displays of manhood.

11 years ago

“Calf-condoms” just want to be man-tights when they grow up.

11 years ago

Those were ski socks folded over. The folks up at Metro are well acquainted with my arguments on the merits of socks vs. gloves.

11 years ago

Was the PAX count of 28 a DV record?

Reply to  Hops
11 years ago

28 matches the high water mark.

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
11 years ago

The best quote of the day however, goes to Tiger Rag as we finished the uphill lunges and started running from the football field to the baseball fields. McGee who originally posted with a white shirt shed that outer layer and just had on his black Dryfit shirt on. TR says “Oh I didn’t recognize you at first because you took your shirt off, but then I could tell you were McGee by the sound of your panting.”. Not sure what that was all about!

Don’t look now but the South Charlotte Pax is quietly and steadily growing fast! Good job boys, let’s keep em coming aboard.

Reply to  Mall Cop
11 years ago

Aye. A51 getting crazy.

Had lunch with Dolphin yesterday. He asked me what the heck was up with @TRag and those #Hairburners. I don’t know Brother. I don’t know.

11 years ago

Great job with the workout yesterday, CT. Once I realized the difference in a Burpee and a Spartan Race Burpee (midway thru the set of 20’s), I was able to get thru them.
Good to see so many guys out at DV – man tights or not. I think where the line needs to be drawn is no man purses or “fanny” packs.

11 years ago

Yeah, I learned my lesson on that one. Need to memorize some of the Lexicon on the website so that I understand what the exercise is.

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