Man versus Beast(s)

ByMadison Feb 1, 2018

Four faithful showed under an extra bright moon this morning ready to take on whatever Sparta threw at them.  They immediately regretted their d

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F3 Sparta’s Dice of Gloom Running Workout

Byshakenbake Jan 25, 2018

Do you feel lucky punk, you better because Shake N Bake is bringing out the Dice of Gloom. Come Git SOME! The Thang After delivering the di

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Joe Davis Dress Rehearsal or CSAUP? A little of both…

ByMadison Jan 5, 2018

The bone-chilling temps Thursday morning did not keep the #F3Sparta faithful from prepping for the Joe Davis Run for Recovery.  At 05:15, 5 beas

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Santa’s Grab Bag

ByMadison Dec 22, 2017

Four PAX showed up in the fog for #F3 Sparta Thursday AM - 3 in shorts and Arsenal wearing his traditional long pants.  The pre-blast promised t

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This thing might just catch on

ByMadison Dec 14, 2017

It's mid-December and the temps are dropping.  That's usually a recipe for smaller numbers at most AO's, but cagey F3 veterans know how to handl

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