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4 PAX today took advantage of a balmy Monday morning to get some pain in with the kettlebells. 

The Thang:

Mosey to lower parking lot for: SSH x 25, IW x 20, Slow Squats x 20 and Merkins x 15.

Head to the field and “triangle up.”  New term for when there are only 3 PAX around the Q.

Monkey Humpers + Burpees on a “Jack Webb” count. 1 burpee, 4 monkey humpers, etc., up to 5 and back down.  You feel this one in the quads!

Alternate exercises w/ half field sprints carrying the bell: 2 hand swings x 20, KB merkins x 20, suitcase squates x 20, rows x 20, squat and press x 15, upright rows x 20, hammer curls x 20, tricep presses x 20.

Long mosey over to pull up bars.  Alternate Mary and pull-ups for 5 sets.  Mary = dolly presses, Freddie Mercury, flutter presses, russian twists, LBCs.

Grab wall and do 3 x 1 min each in people’s chair position: sack draggers, upright rows, curl and press.  Mosey back.

Moleskin: Migthy Mite rucked it to and from so special respect to him!  No new announcements other than Lone Survivor Premier this weekend.  Oh, and one announcement that FC turns 50 Feb 3.  Mark your calendars!

Thanks to the guys who came out.  We put in the work this morning and it felt good.


Great turnout today – 15 strong.  Apparently, nobody watches the weather anymore because I bet a few might have stayed home had they known what we were in for!!  I honestly can’t remember getting that drenched before – great job by all the PAX sticking with the workout and pushing through.

The Thang:

Warmup – SSH x 25, IW x 20, Merkins x 15, Slow Squats x 15.

1st Circuit: 10 KB squats, up the hill, 5 burpees, run to pull-up bars, 10 pull-ups, jog back.  Repeat as many times as you can for ~7 min.

2nd Circuit: 20 two-handed swings, sprint to other side of soccer field, 10 merkins, jog back.  Repeat as many times as you can for ~7 min.

Mary: Dolly presses x 15, Flutter Presses x 15, KB merkins x 20, KB LBCs x 15, KB Russian Twists x 10, KB presses x 15, “Plank & Drag” for 30 sec.

More KB work with sprints across length of soccer field: 10 lunges, 10 rows, 10 lunges 10 Rows.  Sprint, 20 deadlifts, sprint.  Sprint, 20 curls, sprint.  Sprint, 10 merkins, sprint.

Mosey home and kill time: 15 swings, 10 curls, lap around lot.

Moleskin: No new announcements but a couple of prayer requests we want all of F3 to know about.  1. Market Timer has a newborn that needs surgery on Wednesday.  We pray for a successful procedure and quick recovery (for mom and dad too!).  Rock Trill has a friend – he and his wife recently lost triplets due to complications.  We pray for peace for their family during an incredibly difficult time.


A lucky 13 of us made our way to the parking garage this morning.  The PAX knew right away we had a little extra morning when we turned left out of the parking lot… fortunately no one turned around.

The Thang:

Mosey to PF Chang’s parking lot for warm-up:

  • SSH X 25
  • IW X 20
  • Merkins X 15
  • Mountain Climbers X 20

Run to bottom of parking deck, 20 merkins and 20 Peter Parkers

Form a line across a straightaway

  • Lunge halfway, sprint to the end, jog back
  • Bear crawl halfway, sprint to the end, jog back
  • Broad jump halfway, sprint to the end, jog back
  • Lunge halfway, sprint to the end, jog back

Mosey up one level for Mary

  • Dolly X 20
  • LBCs X 20
  • Flutter X 20
  • Freddie Mercury X 20

Mosey up a level and partner up

P1 = People’s Chair, P2 runs to bottom of the deck and back.  Flapjack and repeat once.

Set of merkins before leaving the garage and head home.  Six inches and protractor until all make it back.


Good job everyone who came out.  Nobody likes the running and the leg work but we need it!  Happy as always to lead and appreciate the support of the group.


10 men showed up Monday morning, kettlebells in tow, to erase their weekends and get the week started off right!

The Thang:

Mosey down to lower parking lot for:

SSH X 25, Backward lunge X 12, Merkin X 20, Forward Lunge X 12, Peter Parker X 20

Head to the turf for “Catch me if you can”: P1 runs with bells, P2 = 5 merkins and chase.  Flapjack and continue for 1 lap around.

Circle Up at midfield

25 two-handed KB swings, 20 merkins, 15 squat and press, 20 merkins – alternate right hand/left hand on the bell, 25 two handed swings, KB rows – 15 each side, KB woodchops – 10 each side, 20 merkins

Mosey to the playground: P1 25 KB deadlifts, P2 pull-up (as many as you can) and burpees (until P1 finishes deadlifts).  Flapjack and repeat 3X.

Back to the field: Alternate sprints and Mary

Dolly X 25, sprint down and back; Flutter X 25, sprint down and back; LBC X 25, sprint down and back, Protracor (Mighty Might calls out the degrees), sprint down and back

Bear crawls and lunge walks to the halfway line and back.

Mosey back to parking lot and finish with planks, alternating elbows and regular.


Cheers to the many PAX who completed the workout despite long weekends at the sportsbar!

Reminder to everyone to check out the Joe Davis Run, scheduled for Jan 4, 2014.  Registration is discounted at $20 until end of October.