Minimalist Weinke at the Floater

Minimalist Weinke at the Floater

For the 2nd installment of the Floater during NC Phase 1 we broke into two groups with Carb Load leading one and YHC at the helm for the other.  We counted off 1-2-1-2-1-2-2-1-2….and counting seemed much better then at Flash this week, so the rust appears to be shaking off with increased attendance of workouts.  Once the clock hit 6:00, group 2 we were off moseying for warm lap around the church.  Here is recap of what took place for Group 2 today @ the Floater.


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Cotton Pickers, Potato Pickers, Cherry Pickers, Jimmy Duggan’s
  • Merkins
  • Calf Stretch – unfortunately YHC drew short stick and had Damascus in group so got to hear 5 mins of how this is greatest part of day while he used Zin’s soap box to stretch
  • Plank Jack



4 Corners

Using 4 corners around church, begin with full lap and do 5 burpees.  Reverse course and head back to start for 10 merkins.  Each time shorten by 1 corner and keep same count of 5 burpees out and 10 merkins back at start.  Once 6 is in mosey over to N. Providence St.


Using N. Providence St. do 7’s with Bobby Hurley’s and Carolina Dry Docks.  The 2 points were Miller Dr (close to bank) and Howie Mine Rd.


To close out time, completed 1 lap down and up KJH back to COT.


Goal was to complete below checklist for today, unfortunately fell 1 short of completion.    Minimal thought needed for workout and was light on exercises, but allowed the pax to cover ~4.5 miles on the day.

Floater  Q Check List for  5-21-20
X Hear Damascus 5 min soap box rant about calf stretch
X Ensure that Ice9 drive heaves and/or pukes
X Piss off Frack due to lack of merkins/exercises on weinke
X Upset old man Recalculating for amount of running
X Have awkward moment with Deflated
Wave goodbye to Transporter as he runs for woods or porta-john to drop heat
X Ensure covered more miles then Smithers solo workout
X Ensure Xerox checks  Downtown Waxhaw streets for any recent cat pee


  • 100 Pax Challenge – Looking for more men to step up, and should have more news soon as to specifics of the causes where funds will be heading.  Stay tuned.
  • Great point brought up by Zin with all that is going on and concerns/stresses pax are facing in day to day life, lets make concentrated effort to get more guys out as bonding with a bunch of misfits is needed more now then ever
  • Frack (HC) as witnessed by Zin and Transporter have agreed to lead the Floater next week.

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