Gigantor Becomes A Gazelle?

Gigantor Becomes A Gazelle?

16 men took the ice in nearly 70 degree weather at Bushwood. DiCCS given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) with reminder to circle back for the 6 to lead Mary and to replace your divots.

Mosey to parking lot for “almost proper counting”

  • SSH x 18 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 18 IC
  • Calf Stretch
  • Plank Jacks x 18 IC

Mosey to neighborhood

  • Alternating at each street light 15 merkins; 15 squats
  • Stop at first cul-de-sac for Mary
  • 7’s to end of cul-de-sac – Burpees; LBC’s

Mosey back to campus only to find rock pile was covered with water

  • Audible to other side of school to find another rock pile

Partner up

  • Partner 1 (with rock) does curls until partner 2 returns from parking lap and then flapjacks
  • Partner 1 (with rock) does shoulder press until partner 2 returns from parking lap and then flapjacks
  • Partner 1 (with rock) does tricep extensions until partner 2 returns from parking lap and then flapjacks

Line up for suicides

  • Three lines with 10 Merkins each time you return to school side (x 2)

Grab some wall for One Star Hi-Jack

  • Air Presses x 60
  • Donkey Kicks – descending # of reps each set beginning with 18(?).  Each set finished with an upside-down “hold”

Closed it out with a fast paced mosey back to COT and finished up with 18 speed skaters.



Spring was briefly in the air at Bushwood but I was too anxious to notice.  I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding turnout and my goal was to simply get through the workout with minimal mistakes etc. (copied from Lazyboy’s last backblast).  I took us out #cradletograve.   Thanks to those who circled back for the six, lead Mary etc.


  • Q school this Saturday 6:30 AM at Cutherbertson led by Posse and possibly Bottlecap.  Sign up if you’ve Q’d less than three times or simply need a refresher
  • Thoughts and prayers for Doc McStuffins; he’s home and there’s a meal sign up on GroupMe.
  • Connect with Bottlecap to get signed up on GroupMe or Slack
  • One Star tried to recruit new people to Q in Feb. and March and mentioned a FREE gift offer for new first time Bushwood Q’s
  • Frack told everyone to dial it back a little bit – aka shut the hell up and keep announcements brief
  • F3 book FREED TO LEAD is worth the read

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