Burpee Indian Run Was a Crowd Favorite

Burpee Indian Run Was a Crowd Favorite

I had to give this backblast this title simply because of the overwhelming disdain everyone displayed when I said “alright boys, 2 lines for the burpee Indian Run.”  That title just barely won out over Ol’ Captain One Eye got stuck in Utah and abandoned his Q.  Anywho, 32 Men braved the 33 degrees outside this morning between Flash and Ignition and kicked butt.  I’ll admit I stole a few things Dasher did on Friday at the inaugural Swarm workout.  My goal was simply to keep everyone moving with the low temperatures outside.  NO Webbs that stop the flow and lower the heart rate!

Warm Up:

Mosey down the pass to Rudy’s Poop Palace, on the way butt kickers, high knees, karaoke and circle up:

SSH—-Audible let’s move up the road to get out of the bus driver’s way.

SSH x 15, LSS x10, Moroccan night clubs x10, Merkins x10, calf stretch, jimmy dugan stretch, 6″ Plank Jacks

That Thang:

Partner Up with P1 running to school and complete 20 dips and 20 step ups, P2 runs to lower traffic circle by stadium and bear crawls the entire circle.  Meet in the middle for 5 hand slap Merkins.  Complete 2 full rounds.

Mosey to bottom of hill by stadium for 2 light poles up on left at sprint/mile pace then 1 light back at recovery jog.  Make it to the top of the hill.  This got the heart rate up very quickly and I believe our FNG(Slow Pitch) spilled some merlot.

At the top of the hill, 2 Lines for Burpee Indian Run.  Lots of groaning and foul language commenced at this point.  Guy in the back does burpee then sprint to the front.  Run to the sidewalk below the stairs.

From there 10 Dry Docks at intersection, run to stairs 2 burpees before going up, lunge walk to wall and then 10 Mike Tysons.  Everyone got 1 round some started on round 2, time to get back to COT.


Great to see these big numbers on a nice chilly Monday.  NO excuses when we have so many options out there available to us.  Guys pushed hard this morning and I believe Flash out performed Ignition!  Big props to all those staying strong in the Dryuary, I know it’s not easy but stay the course.


Collect the toothpaste, tooth brushes for the F3 Guys

Folding guys needed this Saturday from 8-12ish.  See Dana for more details.


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