Chiseled 1 Year Anniversary

Chiseled 1 Year Anniversary

14 Pax gathered to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the CHISELED, the O.G. of gear/weight AO’s in Waxhaw. The 3 site Q’s shared Q responsibilites today, each ensure a particular muscle group was properly beat down. Here’s how it went:

The Thang

Diccs given, explanation of first block of excercises. Quick Mosey around the parking lot, circled for some Jimmy Dugans, Moroccan Night Clubs.

Fusebox Special: Chest and Shoulders

Break into teams of 5.

Timer: Merkin Worm Crawl

Stations: 1.) Atomic Push Up (Merkin on Weighted Ball), 2.) Military Press w/ Cinder Block, Front & Side Dumbell Lifts, 3.) Reverse fly barbell lift, 4.) Horizontal Overhead fly (On your 6 w/ head on edge of curb – w/ 30lb weight overhead on lower pavement – lift weight overhead and onto chest and then back overhead down to pavement.) At least 3-4 rounds completed.

Rudy’s Gun Shop: Arms

Timer: 25 curls

Stations: Reverse Curls, Dips, Overhead Tricep Extensions. At least 2-3 rounds completed.

Banjo’s Dry Heave Hothouse: Legs and Back

Pax Circle Up, Grab a 35lb coupon. Burpee / Squat / Swing / Thruster Web

1 Burpee & jump over coupon, 4 Squats w/ coupon, 2 Burpees – jumping over coupon between each burpee, 8 squats…all the way up to 10 burpees and mixing in coupon swings and thrusters in lieu of squats. Awful

Ye Old Moleskin

Thanks to all who came out to support the 1 year anniversary of Chiseled. While there may not be a lot of running at this AO, it doesn’t mean you can’t get good cardio in and break a sweat, especially if you are pushing yourself the entire time. Most of us were dry heaving at some point during Banjo’s set and drenched in sweat, it was a mini IPC. Gear/weights allow you to isolate some muscles, build some definition that body weight workouts might not get to. The beauty of the AO is that you get to pick the weight that is most comfortable to you (most of the time) and go all out, and most times performing as many reps as you can – only you vs you –no rep targets–no need for fuzzy counting–practice good form and push yourself — Set your own rep targets / weight size and improve weekly. Hope to see more of you out in the gloom at Chiseled.

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