Everyone Loves Donkey Kicks

Everyone Loves Donkey Kicks

Well it was another soggy Humid morning and 18 men decided on join me for todays workout. So lets do this thang.

Mosey around parking lot twice for a circle up. Instead of doing a couple of exercises, I decided to stretch out the legs a little. Jimmie Duggan avoiding the clap. Left, Right, and Middle and then a calf stretch. We are off

Mosey to the front of the Middle School. 20 hands free flutters, 20 American Hammers, and 20 Heels to Heaven with a speed lap around the lot in between. Gazelles catch the six when done.

Mosey Nope!! Grab some wall for a Squat kick web. 1 Low slow squat then 4 donkey kicks. add 1 squat and 4 donkey kicks until we hit 10 and 40.

Mosey Nope!! This time 20 Incline Merkins, 20 Dips, and 20 Decline Merkins with a speed lap in between. Gazelles catch the six when done.

Mosey Nope!! Back to the Wall!! I think everyone was a little surprised on this one. Sit up position with toes touching the wall. 1 Big Boy Sit up and 4 air jabs. Adding 1 sit up and 4 air jabs till we hit 10 and 40.

Ok lets Mosey over to the school bus awning area and grab some wall WHAT?!?!?!?!? 20 seated air presses then a lap while bearcrawling the awning. Then back 30 air presses and bearcrawl. One more lap of 40 air presses with a bear crawl.

Mosey back to COT but before we end we broke into teams of 3 for some sprints. 2 pax held plank position while the other sprinted down to tag the pax team member. We did this non stop for the last 5 minutes. What a great way to end a workout right!!


F3 dads at Dogwood Park 9am Fuse is leading. Bring water guns of any size. Not sure where he is getting water but I am sure he thought of that.

Site Q school with Posse this saturday. Link is already on the playhouse.

I gave an update on my work situation and things are looking good.

Old McDonald-Thanks for taking us out.

I will be at the beach for the next two weeks. So thanks for letting me lead and I will see everyone when I return.

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