Being a fake is what I do best.

Being a fake is what I do best.

[I went deep into the Chevy Chase filmography for that quote – Funny Farm. Not his best work, but still…]

Purell continued his mission this week to try to to make us run in circles for an hour. 8 men weren’t having it and showed up at Latin for Rogue Twitch. Inspired by a 4-year-old backblast from the days of yore when Cheese Curd posted at Fast Twitch, when we actually did exercises, and when there were a lot more normal-speed guys, we got after it this morning. I worked up a 1.5 mile route through campus with just the right amount of hills to make it awful. There were four stops where some guys did 10 reps of an exercise. Everybody got four laps in, some got almost 5. It was a beast of a loop.

I was hoping for a little more interaction with the Hawks/Hawk’s/Hawks’ Nest guys, but Sardine kept them on the lacrosse field most of the time. They all looked pretty angry when we joined them at 6:15.

Turkey Leg missed the introductory lap, but was happy to ditch the Hawks Nest guys and join us at 5:30. After a slow second lap, Alf recovered and joined Joker towards the front. In a rare FT appearance, Voodoo went out strong then came back to the pack a little. Not all the way back to where I was, but still. One Eye, Ductwork, Fault Line and I took turns at the six but all kept working hard. Those hills didn’t stop.

Beer Mile is on 6/7 at 7:00 pm. Join the Slack channel for details.

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VoodooPosted on7:04 pm - Apr 30, 2019

Thanks for the fake workout, Gummy. I don’t think I stopped sweating until about 8am, which is usually more of a July workout thing for me.

Strong work by the pax this morning. I tried to keep up with the Hokie triumvirate, but it was impossible. Turkey Leg was flying and didn’t look like he was actually working hard. Alf is also fast (although not quite as fast as TL) and I’m pretty sure Joker can run faster than anyone, but just chooses to run with others for the 2nd F. I can’t wait to see his top speed on the BRR this year.

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