Taking Floater Back to its Roots

Taking Floater Back to its Roots

The last few weeks at The Ol 87 Q’s have started venturing out to different parts of the AO. I wanted to push the PAX while staying in the grass roots part of the campus. Last night I finished up the weinke and drank a couple of adult beverages to keep the Q juices at a level that I could sleep. It worked until my phone buzzed at 4:40 am. It was Zin, “My back is tighter than a bull’s butt. I am out but go kill it DB.” I hope not to let him down. We get out the door to pull and see a lot of Gazelles. Let’s get after it boys. Lets hope for no train this morning. That would be disastrous.


Mosey down Kim Jung Hill and cross Providence up to the BB&T parking lot for a circle up.

SSH-20 Protractor-30 degrees/10 degrees x2 right into Heals to Heaven-20 right into WWII sit ups-20

Mosey to street behind bank. All out jail break down to the stop sign

Every street light coming back alternating Monkey Humpers-10 Imperial Walkers-10 finish at DreamChasers circle back for Six.

(audible)-Main Street Light poles. 10 bobby hurleys then bear crawl to next light. then jog to following light pole. Rinse repeat till you hit the end of main street and circle back for six. Pretty sure the PAX was mumbling under their breathe at this point and had a good sweat going but lets press on. No train but out in the distance I thought I heard, “guys?, Fellas?, Where are y’all at?”more on that later.

Mosey back to where it all began. Recalculating’s favorite 4 corners. Speed skaters-10 Mountain Climbers-10 Squats-10 and Parker Peters-10 for 3 laps. Circle back for the six to push them to get to their 3 laps. A lot of hard breathing at this point so we did a ten count. It is about this time Damascus comes jogging up, “Hey fellas. Just ran about 3 miles looking for you guys.” At this point the PAX really hadn’t asked any questions and things went smoothly. This was about to change.

Mosey down Kim Jung Hill and Q put out some cones on the hill. Rallied at the bottom. First set was a Kim Jung Hill suicide. This prompted 32 questions from Damascus. It was really 2 but just felt like 32. Second suicide started with one merkin at first cone and increased by 1 at each cone.

(audible) Had about 5 minutes left gather cones run up the hill and grab some wall at the church. Donkey Kicks-20 on own 30-Dips on own. apparently those were “weird” dips but dips none the less.

45 seconds left mosey back to the start and finish with 6″plank.


This was my second Q in as many weeks and I really enjoyed this one. After a brutal gear workout by Bottlecap and the white board of pain from Goodfella, I wanted to change it up. The goal was to run some more, keep everyone moving, and to keep everyone together. I audibled a couple times from my weinke but the PAX never missed a beat. I felt like we accomplished that today. It was awesome to everyone breathing hard today and a pleasure to lead this group.


Convergence this Saturday in Ballantyne

Dasher on Q tonight at Clyent Dinner-Will BC actually make an appearance at his site? Will have to show to find out

Thanks Money Ball for taking us out.

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