That there is an RV.

That there is an RV.

The pax mustered at RockZero among the scores of other folks showing up for a conference of some sort at Calvary.  No SF, but then again, there’s so few of those including the AO at which YHC is one of the site Q’s….#noexcuses

Anyway, the pax launched for another Saturday morning assault on this fantastic AO after a feeble disclaimer from YHC.

Ye Olde Moleskine & Thang

An eclectic combination of pax this morning to be sure…which made it fun..and interesting.

First random thing of the morning was seeing two, late-model RV’s parked in the voluminous parking lot — odd & a bit creepy.

So we circled up for COT near the tenements on wheels…should have used whisper cadence so not to wake the denizens.  Again – creepy.

H-R merkin x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Slow squat x 15 IC

Flutter x 25 IC

Jog over to the rocks near the ballfield.  Partner up & grab a rock for the the following:

P1 runs 70’ish yards down and back while P2 does overhead press.  Flapjack.

Squats and thrusters as well.

At some point, the overly-rucked Hoover disappeared into the church to take care of some paperwork.  Not sure when he re-joined us, frankly….might have been at coffeteria.


Mosey to the picnic tables near the pavilion.

20 double-squat step ups. 20 derkins

20 little baby Haze’s L & R, 20 derkins

Jog over to the other rock quarry near the circle drive and 51.

Everyone grab a rock.

Split into 2 groups.  group 1 runs down around median at 51 while 2nd group does Louganis with rock.  Flapjack.

Other exercises: American Hammer, Squats, Thrusters, Rockies

Mosey over to the gym building for 3 sets of Walthar N’Djaiye’s x 15 IC; People’s Chair with 25 overhead press, aka air press according to Gummy; also did some other People’s chair variations.

Run around the church and down to the bottom of North Face.  There was much mumble chatter about this, particularly from Nemo as we headed down there.  When YHC called 10 H-R burpees, there was much gnashing of teeth.  We then ran up NF with Strange Brew channeling his inner Braveheart and leading the charge.

We then found a lot that had less traffic barreling in for 6 MoM.

Rosalita, Cumberland County Viaduct, Boone Crunches, and something else x 13 IC

Jog back to launch lot.

13 burpees OYO.


COT w/Strange Brew taking us out.

Announcement: Area 51 Christmas Party on Dec. 1st with Uncle Rico catering.

Some other random observations from the morning:

  • Flipper wants to “Make Backblasts Great Again”…not sure I started that initiative with this
  • Hoover pre-rucked, had lots of food with him at coffeteria as well as a 40 oz. Old English 800
  • Fletch sort of resembles Conor MacGregor with his beard, minus the neck tattoos
  • Can we agree Big League Chew (R) is one of the top 5 nicknames in all of F3?  The nickname coupled with his deep voice and accent are just unparalleled.
  • Floor Slapper made it to the workout prior to launch #miracle
  • Boerewors exclaimed to SafeLite – “surprised to see you here!”  To which SafeLite responded: “me too!”  Kotters to SafeLite
  • T-claps to Nemo for posting after a soccer match last night and he had one today at 1PM as well
  • Due to his thick accent, I couldn’t determine Viking’s age, but suffice it to say he’s a Respect and then some…also he’s Boerewors’ father.  3 generations represented as Jimmy Dean, Boerewors’ 2.0, posted for his 3rd time

That’s all.  Sound off with any other flavorful additions.

Always a pleasure to Q.  Appreciate Flipper giving me the privilege.  I need this thing called F3.  Grateful for all you knuckleheads.


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GummyPosted on5:07 pm - Oct 14, 2018

Classic Hops Q. Just over 2 miles, lots of planking, rock work, and merkins. He fought off my stall tactics early by not sharing his thoughts on predestination nor taking the bait on the topic of Wake Forest’s coach getting super angry about the mean Clemson band playing while they were trying to mount a comeback. This is prime coffeeteria season. Join us.

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