And We’re Off

And We’re Off

The newest Monday morning workout in Western UC, also known as Ignition, made its debut at Cuthbertson Middle School. Born out of a desire from some of the PAX to get a bit more running in (and the ridiculously large numbers the ever-so-popular Flash has been pulling in lately), 9 made the decision to join YHC at 5:15 to break in and explore some new areas.


Mosey approx. .8 miles out of the middle school and into the Lawson subdivision model home parking lot. Watch out for cars.

Short warmup consisting of merkins and low slow squats. We then proceeded to run up and down, back and forth through the many cul-de-sacs and streets the subdivision had to offer. We sprinted and moseyed when needed.  We did burpees, jump squats, diamond merkins, all other types of merkins, mary when not picking up the 6.

Then we ran back to meet up with Flash for COT. In the end, we totaled anywhere from 5.0-5.4 miles and enough exercises to satisfy the “non-runners”


The plan for Ignition is simple. Keep the heart rate up while engaging in some good ol’ fashioned running mixed in with various exercises. YHC and site Q Halfback want to thank all those who came out to test themselves and help us introduce this workout to the PAX of Western UC .  The AO came together pretty quickly so it was encouraging to have 9 at launch.  I believe those that attended would say that they pushed themselves pretty hard today.  Most even said that they would return.

A little something about the PAX because the backblast is too short:

Bottlecap-dude just had hernia surgery a couple of weeks ago and out running around.  Or did he?  I believe only Moneyball asked to see proof of the incision site.  Gross

speaking of Moneyball-Definitely faster than he used to be, however I think he forgot the workout is 60 minutes, not 45. Where did he go?

Stub Hub-Officially a runner now per his leading of Pursuit.   But does he sandbag the first part of his workouts to socialize?

MadDog-Vowed never to come back.  Or did he?

Dasher-Running with merkins are a Dasher special.   Already signing up to Q. Will he find 10 foot walls for us to jump over?

Rubbermaid-so dialed in, when he arrived he left his 2.0 in the car with the windows rolled up. Says Ignition also fixed his fogged up eyeglass problem.

Cha Ching-The mumblechatter king. I’m sure he said this was his favorite workout he has ever been to? Pretty sure at least.

Halfback-Finally realized in the last month that 40 year olds shouldn’t be faster than him and has corrected that problem.

Thanks again.


Ignition rolls out again next week, Halfback on Q weather permitting


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