Centurion: 06/08/2018

Centurion: 06/08/2018

21 men showed up for this week’s installment of Centurion, including 2 FNGs and my twin brother, Slow Roll, site FNG.  Thorough disclaimer that Purple Haze would have been proud of, was given.  Off we went.

Mosey counterclockwise around the football field to Stairwell 2.  Up to level 4


IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Squat x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC

Down Stairwell 1 and up through Chipotle lot across 51 and continue mosey to Palatine Hill.  Far end of the parking lot.  Chair plank to regroup.

Palatine Repeats

Called exercise.  AYG to top of Palatine.  Called exercise.  AYG back.

  1. 5 H-R Burpees/20 merkins
  2. 5 Knee Slap Burpees/20 Carolina Dry Docks
  3. 5 Double Merkin Burpees/15 Heels to Heaven

Plank series between each round with all the favorites.  Mary when done.  Several exercises.  Feet up for all.

AYG up and over Palatine.  10 Burpees OYO.  Chair plank.

Mosey back toward the shopping center.  Stop at 1st entrance.  Smurf Jack x 10 IC.  Continue to cross walk and back to campus.

Enter Tartarus on level 1.  Line up abreast.

Plank Start Sprints

Low Plank/Right Leg high/Swap-AYG up full level ramp.  Plank at top.

Mosey up a half ramp.

Elbow plank.  AYG up a full level.

Mary at level 4.  Down Stairwell 2.  Over and up Stairwell 1.  AYG to Stairwell 3.

Plank series with 15 Merkin IC to close it.

Down Stairwell 3.

AYG back to launch.

Mary to close: Rosalita x 20 IC.  Flutter x 55 IC (for Shoe’s bday last week).  30 seconds of burpees to run out the clock.



Apologies today men, pressed for time.  Solid work by all.  Rachel and Lorax were going head-to-head for most of the workout.  Uncle Rico has some fast twitch for sure.

Good work Pro.  Runstopper and No Show pushing hard.  Uncle Phil getting work done and running in and back.

Both site-Q’s posted.  What?

Shoe and Chelms with some good chatter and solid work put in.

Finally got my twin bro, Slow Roll, to post A51.  Thankful he could make it and solid effort on his part.

Kotters to Brushback.  Always good to see him amongst the PAX.

Welcome to FNG Yao, brought by Champagne.  Dude is tall.  Great job out there today.  See you soon.

Welcome to FNG Scrum, brought by Drago.  Well done young man.  Way to push through that one.

T-claps to Champagne for the takeout prayer.


Pool party in Waxhaw hosted by Transporter/UCo/SOB.  Check Slack for sign-up.  Tonight at 7:30.  Families welcome.

LLS Dinner.  6/13.  Bout Time’s M, Lauren, is guest speaker.  Cooter 2 is your contact for a link.

1st Tee.  Chelms coordinating a 1st Tee with several days over the summer.  Has coaches, but could use a few more volunteers.  Hit him up if you can help.



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ShoePosted on1:56 pm - Jun 8, 2018

Solid and stoic as always Mermaid. What happened to the breeze this am, we could’ve used that for sure!

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:32 pm - Jun 8, 2018

FNG names were easy = Yao was one of many possibilities including auto part, carburetor, shock absorber, dip stick (last name O’reilly so endless opportunities of car related names), duck, shorty, too tall, etc

Scrum could have been Bluto, Pinto, or Flounder (from Animal House – don’t remember why i made that connection)

Can’t believe you didn’t mention my VT for getting back to the lot first. Old and treacherous beats young and skilled most of the time.

Email me at pchepul@gmail.com if interested in helping out at AG Middle School from 1pm to 2pm during the summer. Days we have are June 20, 25, 27 and July 2 or 6. I have some dates later in July as well but already have two guys lined up for all of those. THanks

LoraxPosted on2:34 pm - Jun 8, 2018

I was wondering at what point you left Chelms to be that far ahead. Solid work by the FNGs, that humidity was brutal. Well planned attach Mermaid.

MermaidPosted on3:43 pm - Jun 8, 2018

I had 15 minutes to get this BB done Chelms. Thanks for including your old man comment, it was a good one.

We did 55 (rather than 50) Flutters at the end for those who could not make Shoe’s birthday Q last week when we did an inordinate number of sets to 55.

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