Running, Monday and E101

Running, Monday and E101

As the popularity of a 5 mile recovery run grows in SOB Land, 12 PAX eagerly awaited instructions from Bratwurst for the start Blakovery.  At 5:15 the Flat Branch route was declared and we were off and this is where we went:


Thru the parking lot to McDonalds, across Rea Rd. to Tolleson Ave, right on Bullock Greenway Blvd., left on James Blakeney Ave, right on Alexander Martin, right on Alma Blount Rd, right on Darcy Hopkins, (past Paper Jam’s street), left on Dennington Grove, right on to Bryant Farms, left onto Lacken and left onto Providencetown Dr all the way to Williams Pond. Cross Rea Rd, left on Elm, left on Blakeney Heath, left on Parks Farm Ln to Rea Rd and back to the AO for stretching led by Wingman.


It was one of those mornings where everything in me wanted to fartsack. It is Monday, lingering cold and congestion, and #Imnotaruunerstill. I had already committed to picking up a chain saw from Bratwurst this morning, so there was no excuse. I knew it was going to be a slow morning and as I quickly surveyed the crowd, I figured another short cut was in order or I needed to bring a head set and listen to some music as I would be alone.

It was just about that time when the fast guys separate from the slow guys (and when I say slow guys I mean me) when I noticed Picasso to my left. He was sporting a fancy watch that one of the fast guys tricked him into getting, but he could see I was struggling and decided to run at my pace. So for the next 30 plus minutes a discussion about entrepreneurship ensued. For someone getting ready to take the leap, talking with someone who understood the fear that comes with the leap was truly God ordained. The discussion was filled with words of encouragement, wisdom and practical application to running. It it one of many Holy Spirit moments I have experienced at Blakovery just because I decided to show up instead of staying home and because someone else showed up too.

Thanks again Wingman for leading the stretching and Doc McStuffins for taking us out.

Never quit on the way up the hill, because once you get over the top, you won’t quit on the way down.

Enjoy the rest of the week and see you next Monday.


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