Ben Nevis – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Ben Nevis – The Gift That Keeps on Giving


  • Warm-up through the Bull Ring to parking lot
  • Dynamic stretching – heels, toes, high knees, butt kicks, lunge walk, b-skips
  • Head to Ben Nevis for the following:
    • 90 seconds hard effort uphill, recover to the base
    • 45 seconds hard effort uphill, recover to the base,
    • 15 seconds max effort uphill, recover 2 minutes
    • Repeat until 5:07 (4 rounds)
  • Head home the long or the short way for COP with Bagpipe



Ben Nevis is a beast of a hill and proved just right for this morning’s repeats. The idea was to run hard uphill for long enough, with a short enough break, that we built up some nice lactic acid in the legs and had to push through and keep our form in the final 15 second sprint. Worked out well enough although we probably went a little too hard on the 90 second efforts — par for the course at Swift. Saw some competition out there on the 15 second sprints — Haggis / Bratwurst showdown; Gumbo / Bunker duel; Woodson / Thin Mint drag race (Woodson by a mile).

Pleasantly surprised seeing One Niner out at Swift in spite of his tumble down a ravine a few days prior at PMBAR. Beast. Also good seeing Fire Hazard post somewhere other than the YMCA as he comes off his injury and great having Depth Charge back in the regular schedule (except for when he Qs mile repeats which YHC mysteriously did not attend). Awesome work by Magic Attic coming back to his 2nd Swift in 2 weeks. 5 minute T-pace intervals last week followed by Nevis this week is a strong start to a Swift career.

Near anarchy when lunge walking was called during the dynamic warmups. We survived. Such is the world of Swift in a post-Bratwurst era. New things will happen, mistakes will be made (although lunge walking was definitely not a mistake — if it’s good for the glutes, it’s good for the running). My only question is who’s running the pool on how long it will take before Bratwurst throws the amateurs out of the saddle and takes the reins back.



  • F3 Pool Party at the Lawson pool on Friday 6/8 from 8-10 PM. Pool will be rented out just for our group. $40 per family includes pizza and beer and all proceeds will be used by our region in future projects with The Sandbox. See #the_sandbox Slack channel for details and sign up here:
  • F3 Dads camping trip to Julian Price Park 7/20-7/22. $40 total for 2 nights. Lots to do including hiking, canoeing, rock climbing. Frasier needs HCs by 5/27 to make reservations. Talk to Frasier or check the #f3dads Slack channel for details.
  • Great Wolf Lodge family outing the weekend of 11/9. Discounted room rates are available now. If you plan to attend, the sooner you can sign up the better as it will help MT gauge how many more rooms we need to add to our block:
  • Upcoming date night at the Whitewater Center (paddle & dine) on 7/21. Need sign-ups in the next couple of weeks so we can make reservations:!/showSignUp/20f0a4eaaaf2ba1fc1-f3sob2nd

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