Rain Rain Stay Away From Cerberus

Rain Rain Stay Away From Cerberus

It was a dark and stormy morning…  Actually, the storms thankfully stayed away and we were just left with a swampy day in South Charlotte.  15 PAX showed up with no clue who was on Q or what to expect since @Transporter decided to crush FNG day the week prior with parking garage hair burners (really???).  Imagine the look of disappointment when they realized there was a South Charlotte Clydesdale leading them this morning as opposed to the usual six pack crew.


The Warmup

  • Circle Up / Give disclaimer
  • Quick mosey around the parking lot
  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • Merkins x 10
  • Potato Pickers X 10

The Thang

  • Station 1 – Parking lot merkin suicides
    • Run from start to 1st island – 1 merkin
    • Run back to start – 2 merkins
    • Run from start to 2nd island – 3 merkins
    • Run back to start – 4 merkins
    • …..
    • Run from start to 6th island – 11 merkins
    • Run back to start – 12 merkins
    • Marry for 6
  • Station 2 – Partner work
    • Mosey to green belt
    • Team total = 200 box jumps + 200 dips
    • P1 = exercise
    • P2 = run around the circle
    • Marry for 6
  • Station 3 – Parking garage fun
    • Mosey to the parking garage
    • Ascent to top deck = 5 burpees at the beginning and end of each ramp
    • Descent to ground floor =  5 merkins at top of each ramp / 10 squats at the bottom of each ramp w/ a return to the top of that ramp before descending to the next one
  • Station 4 – 4 corners
    • Mosey to Desano’s Pizza / lap around building
    • Corner 1 = 10 merkins
    • Corner 2 = 20 LBCs
    • Corner 3 = 10 merkins
    • Corner 4 = 20 LBCs
    • Total of 2 laps
  • Mosey back to the start
  • Complete


  • 3rd F Sanctuary – Monday’s 7:30pm at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel – Will begin a book studying the Proverbs
  • 2nd F Pool Party – Lawson pool (6/8/18, 8:00pm) – Cost = $40/family which covers life guards, pizza, and beer as well as contributing to the Sandbox fund which is an account to be used for F3 service opportunities without having to ask for donations each time.


  • I truly enjoyed being on Q today and catching up with some guys I had not seen in a while (Brat, Wild Turkey, Madison, Das Boot, Bunker, Mighty Might) as well as posting for the 1st time with others (Astro, Billy Goat, Laronda, No Regerts, Uncle Leo, Zeek Face – who left early and almost cause a throw down as YHC mistook Billy Goat calling his name out in COT for a new nickname I was getting 🙂 )
  • Dirty Bird & Shop – We see each other all the time, but it’s still good to post with you
  • The group crushed it today.  This was supposed to be a lite day for YHC due to tomorrow’s Savage Race, and me being too Clydesdale-ish to post the day before such an event, but @Transporter suckered me into Qing on this fine morning about a month before, so here we were.
  • For those who can do coffee-teria in the future, it’s well worth the time to get to know your F3 brothers a little more.  Thanks to Shop for sponsoring this morning!

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