South charlotte Super Soaker

South charlotte Super Soaker

A solid crew of 14 15 for a super soaker at Fast Twitch (initial count had Uncle Rico as part of the Hawksnest crew – second round of audit proved that he was crushing the hills w/the rest of the Fast Twitch crew the entire morning). Thankfully Purell dropped me a map over the weekend so I had no trouble finding the launch point for my first visit to the new AO at Charlotte Latins vast network of mini parking lots. Having relatively fond memories of Ghostrunner, thought it would be a good idea to reprise some of the favorite sections of that route this morning w/a bit of a Fast Twitch twist. After introducing myself to the pax (old and new) a thorough disclaimer was given and away we went in search of hills. Here is how it went, more or less…

Head out Northbound (mostly downhill) on Providence until you reach Messiah Lutheran (bout a mile) – this would serve as the warmup. We would plank for a moment then circle up in one of the nicest parking lot south of 51 for an abbreviated COP. Since it is a running workout we would do IWx20 IC, Merkin x20 IC and Squat x10 IC to fire up the large muscle groups. It was then declared that we would be heading southbound up Providence to the intersection of Raintree (mostly uphill). That hill is a monster and it pretty much tore out the soul of YHC somewhere near the top. Pretty sure Thinmint and Purell put themselves near the top times on the strava segment. 50LBC’s awaited the pax at the intersection of providence and raintree before the route would be unveiled for the remainder of the hour. From the intersection of Raintree and Providence we would take a left on Whitethorne, right on Four mile Creek, Right on Raintree to the Intersection of Raintree and Providence 25 merkin/25 squats – then complete the route counterclockwise. The level of suck on both laps was pretty high given the temperature this morning, not sure I can pick a favorite direction. I’ll let the pax decide which one they liked the least. Rolled into the Joint COT right at 6:15 and it was a wrap. Mileage varied slightly, gazelles out front got a tick over 7, most everyone else slogged 6.5mi.
Really enjoyed being back to FastTwitch, I’ll be sure to spend some time there this summer during BRR training. Couple of new faces in the crowd, but all the guys were putting in the work up and down the hills of south charlotte. Got a chance to catch up with Haze today who introduced himself as Keith this morning before we got started. He is certainly going to crush the New River Half. Purell & ThinMint set the pace out front this morning following closely behind by Rachel, Astro and Uncle Rico. Those in the middle of the pack (YHC included) kept on chugging along up the seemingly never ending collection of rollers along four mile and Whitethorn. We had a few folks chart their course preferring to go clockwise over switching it around. We thought we lost PopTart toward the end, but he was further up Raintree than we expected. He’s keeping the momentum Fresh off of his Age group victory in the Beer mile this past weekend.

Pool Party for F3 to be held in Waxhaw benefiting the SandBox (see slack for invite and additional information).
Always looking for volunteers for Church on The Street (see slack or Strawberry for sign up details)

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