Counting Down = Mind Blown

Counting Down = Mind Blown

12 men gathered this morning to get a little better. Here’s what went down.

The Thang

YHC’s usual brief disclaimer given. Then off we went out of Latin. Left on Raintree. Left on Whitethorn. Run to the end of Whitethorn where it meets Four Mile Creek at the blinky red light. Circle up for a very quick COP consisting of 10 LSS in cadence. That was it. We had already ran over a mile so that was deemed to be sufficient. Everyone find a partner. There was an even number today so this worked out well. Partner 1 runs down Whitethorn then left on Raintree. Partner 2 runs down Four Mile Creek then right on Raintree. When you meet your partner, do 20 jump squats. You each turn around and run back the way you came. When you meet again, do 20 more jump squats. Now flap jack directions and repeat. Gather up where this all started and then head back toward the launch.  Stopped about 2/3 of the way back at a light pole. We would finish up Whitethorn by alternating sprints and recovery between light poles. There were still a few minutes left so that meant there was time for a couple of more sprints. Sprint one was up Raintree to Holly Hill Farm. Easy back to Whitethorn. Last sprint was down Raintree to Providence. Head back to launch. Done.


Once again, great work men. Way to get after it. It was fun leading today. About the title, YHC decided to change up the cadence count on some flutters at the end. Just for fun. So instead of inflecting on the final rep, there was a count down. Subsequently minds were blown. Everyone seemed to know what it meant though. So hey, a little something different.

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GummyPosted on8:37 pm - May 1, 2018

Two Rachel Qs within a few days of each other – lucky me. My favorite part of the new and improved Fast Twitch is the fast warmup – today was a little more reasonable than last week, but I haven’t been to one since we moved that didn’t start with a mile at around an 8-minute pace. Good times. Twas good to partner up with Iron Sides – we were putting in some work to make sure we didn’t get too far behind the fast guys. Poor Semi had to try to match Pro. Pro came around the corner yelling, “have you guys seen Semi Gloss?” so maybe it didn’t go so well for Pro. My apologies to Rachel for not telling him I was the six coming down Whitethorn for the last time – I’m honored that you thought there was someone behind me.

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