Looked Good on Paper…….

Looked Good on Paper…….

Eleven pax followed the Glow into the gloom on a crisp morning at Rebel Yell. What would the VQ have in store – a paper champion, of course. Much like a freshly completed NCAA bracket in March or an NFL roster in August the workout looked good… on paper. But how would it play out on the blacktop of Polo Ridge Elementary?

The Thang

Lap around front parking lot, run to back lot for COP


SSH X 20

Merkin X 20

IW X 13



Burpee Gassers:


100 yd sprint down, 10 burpees, 100 yd sprint back, 10 burbees

100 yd backwards run down, 9 burpees, 100 yd sprint back, 9 burpees

100 yd karaoke right down, 8 burpees, 100 yd sprint back, 8 burpees

100 yd karaoke left down, 7 burpees, 100 yd sprint back, 7 burpees

100 yd sprint down, 6 burpees, 100 yd sprint back, 6 burpees



Dora between heavy breaths: “If I had known (Rebel Yell) was going to be this tough I would’ve gone to the easier workout at Hydra.”  And he thought he only made backblasts because of his beard.



100 yd butt kicks down, 5 burpees, 100 yd sprint back, 5 burpees

50 yd forward walking lunge, 50 yd sprint down, 4 burpees, 100 yd sprint back, 4 burpees

50 yd backward walking lunge, 50 yd sprint down, 3 burpees, 50 yd sprint back, 3 burpees

100 yd sprint down, 2 burpees, 100 yd sprint back, 2 burpees

50 yd forward bear crawl, 50 yd sprint down, 1 burpee, 100 yd sprint back, 1 burpee





Now that everyone’s loose, pain stations:


20 jump squats, run to playground

10 pull ups

100 yd sprint down drive, 20 merkins, 100 yd sprint back

Rinse and repeat X 2




Victory Lap: 


Group sprint to first speed bump (40 yds) and back, sprint to second speed bump (80 yds) and back

Mosey back to parking lot





100 LBC’s OYO

60 second plank, 30 seconds at six inches, Radar 10 count





Great work by all the pax today. The goal was to keep everyone’s heart rate up and the mission was accomplished. Not a lot of chatter once Burpee-palooza started but great effort by all. Lots of running, lots of burpees and lots of smiles when we were finished. Welcome to FNG Backwoods and Tclaps to Clarabelle for the EH one day after making his first post. Thanks to Spackler and Crab Cake for giving me the opportunity to Q. My quads and back are telling me the paper translated to the pavement.





  • New kettle bell/strength workout – Olympus – starting this Saturday, 7-8 am, at Elizabeth Lane Elementary.
  • Nov 10, 4 pm Panthers v. 49ers at Fox & Hound Ballantyne. See weekly F3 email for evite link and details.
  • Spring USMC mud run signups – free agents or teams. Stagecoach is mud run Q. DO NOT register through the mud run site – DO register through the form on the F3 site.
  • Holiday party (12/7) at Tiger Rag’s. See the weekly F3 email and evite
  • Jan 4 convergence and Joe Davis 5K. Sign ups are now through the event. Details on the F3 site. Be there.

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10 years ago

Nice work Soul Glow.

10 years ago

Great work soul-glow. You have my permission to crumble your piece of paper and toss it in the round file. Body still feeling the multitude of burpees we did.

10 years ago

Hydra could eat rebel yell for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

10 years ago

Ah spackler, nuthin’ but love for you brutha. If you would have gone the stink bug route, I would have said nuthin but stink for ya. See ya in the gloom spackler, Mano eh Mano.

10 years ago

By the way, teeing off at palisades tomorrow at 1. You played there?

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