3 years of F3 for YHC this week. Looked back at official date was 3/10/15 Bagpipe (Soft Pretzel on Q) followed by 3/12/15 Rebel Yell (Strawberry Q). The workouts and community have been a blessing. Always honor to Q – goal is always to:  Kick my own butt in 3 things: leg muscles, upper body muscles, and to keep moving all throughout (without losing anyone).

COT often observes that we appreciate our ability to actually do the workout, push ourselves, and each other – YHC has several reminders lately of others who physically can’t do what we do, sometimes abruptly with no warning.  Appreciate each day we can do this. 47 is the strange number of dips we did- it’s the age of my cousin who just had a stoke this week.

workout overview: Big loop down Elm, right on Ballantyne Commons, cut into neighborhood eventually up Murderhorn, stopping for planned and unplanned stations throughout.

-Disclamer given, mosey/warmup, circle up (Imp Walk, SS Hop, Bulg Ball Bust…YA!)

-speed bumps behind retail: 5 Merkins 5 Squats at each. Run up over hill across Elm.

-Ballantyne Commons (CarDryDocs at post office, 47 dips on rail, Mary, cut into neighborhood)

– using hill and strait away did: mary, hand slap Merkins, scissor lunges, Burpees etc ending up by playground.

– playground: 2 sets of pull ups, squats, and Eddie The Eagles (those burn!)

-rock pile…lifting rocks for tri’s, curls (x2), toy soldiers

-up Murderhorn all you’ve got!

-finish with Mary, plank

GREAT PUSH! Rarely do

we take that route so YHC wasn’t sure if it was biting off too much.  Was concerned we’d need to rush back but we kept moving and had plenty of time. Mic Check CRUSHED Murderhorn finish, and all really pushed and finished fast. Thanks Wild Turnkey for the requests of Bulgarians and Eddies #wheelhouse. Good vibes to Tuna who gets knee fixed tomorrow #betterthanever. Chunder and now DL bring youthful springy vibe.  Fun to have teens, respects, regulars, Cotters all mixes pushing selves and each other. Thanks Billy Goat and Mary Kay for letting YHC Q… you guys do a great job.


-several 2nd F socials and date nights just posted scheduled throughout ‘18 (Slack)

-Checkers hockey St Pats day (bring 2.0s)

-charity run in Pineville (see Private Benjamin)

FNG “Manny” Rob Gorman (EH’d by Brisket)

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