The Mermaid

The Mermaid

14 Pax made the decision after YHC laid down the gauntlet as to what would happen for my Fast Twitch VQ. Seeing how Fast Twitch hasn’t done an AYG run in awhile YHC felt it was time to have the pax stretch the legs out when Purple Haze put me on the Q Schedule. Last week YHC decided to announce that we would be doing “The Mermaid”, big reason why I think we only had 14 instead of 23 last week. At 5:05 not long after I pulled in, Van Pelt was the only car in the parking lot making me wonder if Purple Haze was right that no one would show up to Fast Twitch. Knowing behold right around 5:10 the caravan of cars came in. After a proper disclaimer that was very much approved by the pax that your hands will not touch the ground today we moved onto the main event.

The Thang:

Run-AYG from SCMS to the top of the CLT Catholic Parking deck and back to launch. Get as far as you can and turn around at 28ish minutes. Those who have completed “The Mermaid” can agree that the hill leading up to Calvary Church coming back is pretty brutal. Mileage ranged between 6 and 7.81 by the pax.


This was and still is Mermaid’s brain child, this is my 2nd time doing this workout and 1st time qing it. As Alf said I made the Q fail with Astro and instead of going to the top of the parking deck just ran straight to the end of campus. As I told Alf in my defense, in August I didn’t have the stamina to make it to the parking deck and come making it this far YHC blanked like my students do when they forget there homework. Q fail on my part however and a good learning lesson. YHC also learned a very valuable lesson, don’t plan something as crazy as “The Mermaid” coming off of doing sub 7 minute mile paces in a Half Marathon. Many would call that suicide doing this crazy workout but the pax proved me right and killed it out on 51 today.

YHC took off and led the pax for a good 2.5 miles of the workout with Purelle, Rachel and Turkey Leg not far behind me. Upon reaching Calvary, as Turkey Leg normally does on downhill runs took off and wasn’t found till COT. Alf wasn’t that far behind, along with Utah. Astro in his 2nd Fast Twitch workout did a great job in one of our tougher workouts. He made “The Mermaid” look like it was nothing. Van Pelt and One Eye also killed it out on the workout today, haven’t seen those two run that fast since BRR training season. Mr. Brady, Mermaid, Purple Haze, About Time, and Retread making his return to Fast Twitch killed it out there as well. There was a six group however, it was hard to really see it with how well everyone responded to the challenge.

YHC also took shots at the pax prior to beginning. Purple Haze admitted prior to the start of today that he did everything to avoid coming and that YHC should plan a different workout. I then proceeded like Frazier has done told Haze I’m the Q and I could plan something worse. Having told Retread of my Q awhile back, he decided to come back to Fast Twitch after going to lesser sights *cough Swift post BRR. Purple Haze was shocked as he was about to call Retread out and YHC beat him to it, saying something that I could see you being a site q one day. It truly was an honor to lead you all today, thanks Purple Haze and Rachel for asking me to lead today. I’d be happy to lead again, plus given that “The Mermaid” has been used twice in the last 3 months I doubt you’ll see “The Mermaid” till BRR season.

Thanks to Mermaid for the takeout.


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Rock ThrillPosted on10:25 pm - Nov 14, 2017

Nice work! I apologize I did not come through on my HC. I was asked to Q a workout in Fort Mill and had to step up. Hate I missed it, but next time!

MermaidPosted on11:11 pm - Nov 14, 2017

60 minutes of work is always a good way to start the day. Enjoyed the fellowship more than the run, especially the hill by Calvary running north on 51 on return.

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