Commitment – 12 days of Christmas with Twinkle toes

ByTwinkle Toes Dec 18, 2021

DCCS was covered and we were off for a Christmas light tour of Millbridge. 18 elf’s with me, mosey to clubhouse for the warmup 20 SSH, 15

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Tribute to Area 51’s 10-Yr Anniversary

ByBig Tuna Dec 17, 2021

7 -Souls showed at the Body Shop for a Tribute to a milestone in our F3 History; Area 51's 10-Year Anniversary.....Here's what happened! Mosey

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Let’s GOOOO Brandon!!

ByBlue Screen Dec 16, 2021

"Don't sue me, don't sue Petsmart,  and don't sue former vice-president Joe Biden who will be upset at today's agenda". Exciting extended cal

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Was It Everything You Expected?

ByWarEagle Dec 15, 2021

7 Pax ignored the fart sack on a chilly, rainy morning that would have been an easy morning to mail it in.  Instead they did the opposite and ma

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10 Years of F3, a reordering of the 3 F’s, and gratitude.

ByHops Dec 14, 2021

10 Years of F3.  Wow.  I'm old...Respect just around the corner.  Suppose I didn't want to stay fat into my 40's, so I tried this F3 thing at

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