Uphill battle 10/43

ByKirby Jun 19, 2021

Madam too so had to switch out his Q due to his travel plans or getting his nails done or something like that. YHC volunteered to fill his giant

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What Teenagers Listened to 30 Years Ago

ByFlipper Jun 19, 2021

Bootcamps are awesome, everyone knows it, but YHC so rarely gets to enjoy them due to various reasons.  Whether its run training, busy summer sc

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Three’s Company

ByFuse Box Jun 19, 2021

I saw a family photo of Homecoming two weeks ago with just Honeycomb and another pax and felt sad.   Three sites on a Saturday.  Over 100 acti

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Move as a unit to achieve the goal

ByDrive By Jun 19, 2021

Warm Up A mosey to the circle in front of the trail to do: 15- Side Straddle Hops 15- Imperial Walkers Calf Stretches 15 - Pot

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I’m baaaaack

ByDasBoot Jun 19, 2021

Site Qs mistakenly put a teetotaler in charge of the bar at Last Call this morning and when they realized the severity of their selection, both p

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