An Early Visit from Cinder Clause

ByBonhoeffer Aug 25, 2021

@ #F3Thrive 11 PAX got an early visit from Cinder Clause. The Warmup 3-Minutes, 6 Running Stretches >

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ByFiji Aug 24, 2021

15 Pax showed up on this humid morning with hopes of enjoying a casual 9 holes of fun at Bushwood. They would soon realize that the 2 man scrambl

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Confusing Damascus and Schneider!!

ByChicken Little Aug 24, 2021

DICCS- Give to cover all items to include school is back in session Warm up Jimmy Dugan stretch Plank- Calf stretch- Right arm high and

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Playing footsie on my ball

ByDas Boot Aug 24, 2021

YHC loves a good theme for a workout and with this being the first day of school for Union County and the CMS first day coming up this week, it w

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2 Man Wolf Pack

ByVoodoo Aug 23, 2021

YHC hit the snooze button 1 too many times this morning and then caught 3 of 5 lights on the way to the AO this morning, so I pulled in right as

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