Hawkeyes revenge

Hawkeyes revenge

Date: 2024-03-26 AO: bagpipe Q: Hawkeye , kirby PAX: Starch, Roulette, tagalong, Pilgrim, Eleanor, Rousey, Brisket FNGs: None COUNT: 9 Hawkeye thought he would be out but was back in town in time. 2 amazing Qs 1 solid workout WARMUP: Hawkeye got it going THE THANG: Lunge suicides hill repeats and get down on it. It was tough. MARY: through out ANNOUNCEMENTS: WTF COT: Hawkeye

2s company

Date: 2024-03-25 AO: swole Q: Mountain Momma PAX: Uncle Leo FNGs: None COUNT: 2
WARMUP: ssh, imperial walkers, Sharon towers and a 5 minute core workout, 10 swings and some shoulder work THE THANG: sticking to the spreadsheet which consisted of SLDL 5 each x5, 5 waiter carries, 5×5 double cleans and 5×5 double front squats. It was a pretty straightforward workout, with some mumblechatter between 2 PAX who have never met before. I definitely don’t remember the Uncle Leo character from Seinfeld, I’ll have to do some research on him. MARY: we had time for some flutters and merkins ANNOUNCEMENTS: WTF coming up on April 20 COT: Praying for Sweetness and his wife Jill

It’s dark, it’s flat and not very interesting

Date: 2024-03-25 AO: chubby-hubby Q: Cheese Curd PAX: Starch, wildturkey, geraldo, gummy, hopper, grasshopper FNGs: None COUNT: 7
WARMUP: Not today THE THANG: run or ruck however far you want and get back by 6:15
3 Ruckers: Wild Turkey, Starch and YHC went for 3 total miles
1 runner: Grasshopper pre and post ran some hills
1 runner: circled back early Geraldo
1 runner came back on time gummy
1 runner was OCD @hopper and finished his mileage goal
MARY: not at this site
COT: nice and quick take out prayer by Gummy.

Is it Lagoon or Legume?

Date: 2024-03-25 AO: base-camp Q: Point Break PAX: Mr. Magoo, thunder_road, margo, spackles, Tuna, poptart, ToeJam, Smash, O Tannenbaum, Point Break, Limey FNGs: None COUNT: 11 The Thang Quick lap around the bus lot and circle up at the front of the school.
Warm-Up Exercises in cadence: · SSH x 10 · Imperial Walkers x 10 · Merkins x 10 · Mountain Climbers x 10 · Leg Stretches · LSS x 10
Mosey pace over to Rising Meadow Rd. (Burpess x5 at each intersection)
WAVE 1: Quadruple/Quintuple? Nickel on Rising Meadow Rd. · On the way up the hill (middleish) Incline Merkins x 5 · @ Top do Jump Squats x 5 · On the way back down (middleish) Derkins x 5 · @ Bottom Heels to Heaven x 5
Mosey back up to Burning Tree Dr..
WAVE 2: Partner Up · P1 completes called exercise while P2 runs to the cul-de-sac and back · When P2 returns, flapjack · Exercise 1: Flutter Kicks · Exercise 2: Squats · Exercise 3: Big Boy Sit Ups
Mosey back to school and circle up @ the rock pile. Pick your poison.
WAVE 4: Rock Set · 3 Sets of Curls, Chest Press, Triceps, Bent Over Rows (x10, x15, x20)
Mosey back to Launch Point
Mary until time is called · LBCs · Dollies · Protractor
Called time and COT.

Arms are dead

Date: 2024-03-25 AO: firestarter Q: wingman PAX: Rudy, f3bigtuna, wingman FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: 20 SSH IC 10 Windmill IC 10 IW IC 10 Potato Pickers IC
THE THANG: Mosey to the cinderblock stash behind target. 1/2, 1/2, Full Curls with Block Press with Block Triceps Extension with Block Bent-over Rows with Block Squats with Block
10 Merkins at every light pole behind target (Smoker). We could barely do 10 for the last 3 lights.
Dips and Step-Ups on the wall by the travel agency and visionworks
Suicides in the parking lot with 10 squats at the turn.
Two laps up the steps to check on the Yoga studio with 10 LBC and 10 Supine Merkins
10 Pull ups at the playground or choice. 10 single leg squats with one on the ledge
MARY: 10 rollover crunches 10 knee to chest crunches 20 heel taps. 30 Seconds of Plank ANNOUNCEMENTS: WTF – lots of choice plus good 2nd F. COT: Lots of college talk today. Both your daughters are off to great places and you should be super-proud!

Flat branch

Date: 2024-03-25 AO: run Q: frasier PAX: bunker, das_boot, Dosey Doe, Gump, hairball, tuck, Nip FNGs: None COUNT: 8
WARMUP: THE THANG: covered in new ground today. Went to flat branch nature preserve for a quick little loop and then hit some neighborhoods on the way back. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: sign up for Waxhaw trail fest COT:

Never Miss a Swift Backblast

Date: 2024-03-12 AO: swift Q: midriff PAX: Franky, Hippie, Gump, Wolverine, soft_pretzel, frasier, fletch, kirby, bratwurst FNGs: None COUNT: 10 More running up Bagpipe Hill. Various speeds and intervals. Pyramid scheme.
I can now rest knowing that the backblast is written for my 2nd Swift Q of the month

Da Vinci’s Symphony of Pain

Date: 2024-03-23 AO: davinci Q: midriff PAX: soft_pretzel, Olaf, das_boot, teddyf3, war_eagle, Odd Job FNGs: None COUNT: 7 Yesterday, we embarked on a journey that tested our limits, forged our wills, and solidified our brotherhood. As the sun peeked over the horizon, six HIMs answered the call to conquer the gloom at Saturday’s most prestigious AO. Here’s the tale of our epic saga.
Our quest began in the shadow of the familiar, yet always daunting, concrete jungle. We circled up for a brief moment of camaraderie before diving headfirst into the abyss. A symphony of supine rows below the yoga studio stairs to awaken our slumbering muscles, followed by the explosive melody of jump squats, set the tone for what was to become an hour-long odyssey.
Mosey to the sacred grounds beside Target to retrieve concrete blocks. Partner up for squat thrusters, curls and flutter kicks with press while partner runs to third light and back. Balls to the wall in between sets – an Odd Job favorite.
Our journey then led us to the infamous hill, where sprint intervals awaited. The hill, steeped in legend and lore, tested our resolve with its unforgiving incline. Between sprints, we honored the gods with offerings of big boy situps and squats.
Make our way to Old Navy parking lot for merkins and sprints. Pick up das_boot who had been circling Blakeney trying to find the group.
In the waning moments of our epic, we stood shoulder to shoulder for the Motivator, counting down from 10 in a chorus of unity and strength.
COT: Exhausted, yet exhilarated, we ended our odyssey in the sacred circle. Amidst heavy breaths and sweat-soaked brows, we shared words of gratitude and reflections on our journey. Olaf reminded us of Holy Week, as we prepare our hearts for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Head to CFA for coffeeteria where we talked about legal sports gambling, parlays and whether Oakland (Michigan) has grizzly bears.
Until we meet again in the gloom,

Older & Faster: 2024 Mile Time Trial Training is Here

Starting on Tuesday, March 26th, WXW Express and Swift will collectively embark on an 8-week training program designed to produce your fastest mile.  It’s time to set the bar for yourself for 2024.  Can you be faster than last year, even though you’re a year older?  Can you set a PR, even though you can’t make it through the night without getting up to pee?  Damn straight you can, and we will help get you there.

There will be two workouts per week for eight weeks, culminating in a mile time trial at WXW Express (Cuthbertson Middle School) on Tuesday, May 21st @ 0515.  We’re hoping that holding on a weekday will allow more pax to attend.  WXW Express and Swift will host the Tuesday workout each week.  Perform the Thursday workout wherever you’d like.  Try to rope your pals at Pursuit/Devil’s Turn/Sparta/Fast Twitch into joining you.

The plan is based on Nike Run Club’s “Find Your Fast” 8-week training program.  We did this plan last year and many PR’s were achieved, including YHC’s.  The plan is on a Google Sheet (link) so that you can save your own version and track your progress and/or make edits if you’d like.  Here are the two weekly workouts in case spreadsheets give you the willies:

  • Week 1:
    1. Tue, Mar 26: 8 x 400m @ goal mi pace w/ 60 sec recovery.  Average the 8 intervals for a proxy of your current mile fitness.
    2. Thurs, Mar 28: 2.5 mi tempo run
  • Week 2:
    1. Tue, Apr 2: 200m x 3 going from 10k pace to 5k pace to goal mi pace w/ 60 sec recovery. Repeat 5 times (15 total intervals). Note: rest 120 sec after 10th 200m
    2. Thurs, Apr 4: Fartlek Run: 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, 1 min @ 5k pace w/ equal recovery
  • Week 3:
    1. Tue, Apr 9: 1,000m @ 10k pace, 500m @ 5k pace, 500m @ 5k pace, 200m @ goal mi pace, 400m @ 5k pace, 200m @ goal mi pace w/ 90 sec recovery
    2. Thurs, Apr 11: 1,000m @ 10k pace, 1,000m @ 5k pace, 1,000m @ 10k pace w/ 90 sec recovery
  • Week 4:
    1. Tue, Apr 16: Hill Repeats: 1 min @ 10k pace, 1 min @ 5k pace, 1 min @ goal mi pace w/ recovery jog down hill. Repeat 3 times (9 total intervals).
    2. Thurs, Apr 18: 3 mi tempo run
  • Week 5:
    1. Tue, Apr 23: 200m @ 10k pace, 200m @ 5k pace, 200m @ goal mi pace, 200m @ goal mi pace w/ 60 sec recovery. Repeat 5 times (20 total intervals).
    2. Thurs, Apr 25: Fartlek Run: 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min @ 5k pace w/ equal recovery
  • Week 6:
    1. Tue, Apr 30: 200m @ goal mi pace, 800m @ 5k pace, 200m @ goal mi pace, 600m @ 5k pace, 200m @ goal mi pace, 400m @ 5k pace, 200m @ goal mi pace. 120 sec recovery after 200m intervals and 60 sec recovery after other intervals.
    2. Thurs, May 2: 3.5 mi tempo run
  • Week 7:
    1. Tue, May 7: 8 x 400m @ goal mi pace w/ 60 sec recovery.  Average the 8 intervals for a proxy of your current mile fitness.
    2. Thurs, May 9: 1,000m @ 10k pace, 1,000m @ 10k pace, 1,000m @ 5k pace, 1,000m @ 10k pace w/ 90 sec recovery
  • Week 8:
    1. Tue, May 14: 12 x 200m @ goal mi pace w/ 60 sec recovery
    2. Thurs, May 16: 1,000m @ 10k pace, 200m @ goal mi pace, 200m @ goal mi pace w/ 120 sec recovery
  • Week 9:
    1. Tue, May 21: 1 mile time trial @ Cuthbertson Middle School @ 0515 (aka WXW Express)There will be plenty of warm-up, and multiple race heats if necessary.  There will be a post-run option for those interested.  Heck, there may even be a convergence and coffeeteria.  We’ll see.

In weeks one and seven there is a mile simulation workout (8 x 400m) that will help you identify your current mile fitness and give you a good idea of what you should be shooting for at the time trial.

Some of the prescribed workouts may be shorter than what you’re used to at our F3 running workouts.  If you are on Q for any of these workouts, feel free to modify.

It is recommended that you begin each workout with a 1 mile warmup and dynamic stretching, and end with a 1 mile cooldown.  The goal is to PR but also to get to the starting line in one piece.

Find your various training paces by inputting your goal mile pace or a recent race time here: Link.  “Tempo” pace (not shown on website) is your 5k pace + 25-30 seconds.  It is a pace that you would be able to sustain for a full hour of running and should feel “hard, but controlled”.


A rare ufo BB

Date: 2024-03-22 AO: _area-51 Q: MARTA PAX: Spyglass, Schottzie, Yeti, Shank, Chandelier, Paris, Situation, Fruity Pebbles, Chubbs, Broken Arrow, Chris Solomonides, Victoria, Crawdad, Mayo, Zipper, sweeney_todd, harambe Tebow intern FNGs: None COUNT: 18 WARMUP None. Old guys warm up beforehand and ice and or Epsom bath afterward.
The Thang: Pink v. Yellow. A classic battle of fates. Teams were carefully crafted for a classic clash of considerable consequence. The teams:
Pink: Yeti, Chubbs, Fruity Pebbles, Situation Mayo, Paris, Victoria Broken Arrow + 1 intern Spyglass Yellow: Shank sweeney_todd MARTA Zipper Chandelier @tebow @harambe Crawdad Chris Solomonides Schottzie
It’s surprising how even the teams are with the method of choosing them. The battle was off at the crack of 522 for another installment of Frizz. Early game highlights included an impressive aerial defense by Victoria to intercept a dime by yours truly. Shank tackling cul de sac buddy Paris on another huck eliminating a fierce competitor with confusing collegiate allegiances from the match for a short period of time, and Crawdad being everywhere in the end zone. The match was fairly even with yellow going up early only to let Pink tie it up in the last 10 minutes on high end throws by Victoria. Turnovers abounded through the game with a few hammers for scores mixed in here and there.
It was noted that the commissioner has rapidly grown the Friday game without planning for additional pennies. Be on the look out for Spyglass to structural changes to the league (i.e. institute a mandatory ufo f3 shirts policy … or get more pennies)
The final moments were decided by a TO off the pull and impressive aerial athletic ability by sweeney_todd. Another hammer sealed the win for yellow. Kudos to Paris for toughing out the injury on worn out ankles.
MvP: Crawdad with at least 4 scores on the day. Final score: 3 – 0 yellow. Non hammer scores do not count. Also it appears the number of ufo f3 shirts accurately predicts the winner. ANNOUNCEMENTS: NONE COT – praise that Jh’s dad’s surgery went well and his recovery – prayer for Chubbs wife rolled anke with 2.0s in tow. Spyglass takes us out.