Tabetha and the Butt Weinke

Tabetha and the Butt Weinke

Q’ing the Brave is quite simple:

  • Run 4 miles
  • Call a few exercises along the way

Hmm, let’s see how many rock piles we can hit while running the Community House – Bryant Farms – Elm – Ballantyne Commons loop.

  • First stop: tire flips and ascending merkins at the YMCA
  • Rock Pile #1: Curls in cadence and squats with rock
  • Rock Pile #2: Bent over rows, flutter kicks with rock
  • Rock Pile #3: Shoulder press, “heavy humpers” (sky humpers + rock)
  • Rock Pile #4: Ground pounders, american hammers with rock
  • Along the way: Tricep dips, assorted Mary (heels to heaven, plankjacks, LBC’s, flutter kicks)
  • Back at Launch: 3-count burpees, 6-count burpees and Abe Froman


  • While recanting Lex’s awful Q yesterday, I completely mispronounced “Tabata” in a way that sounded like Tabetha. This somehow morphed into a joke about Fire Hazard’s feet
  • Sweet Water nearly took Soft Pretzel out during tire flips
  • We found Gruden’s doppelganger running South on Elm. I yelled out his name and then quickly realized it was not him. Gruden, do you have a twin???
  • The Boston Celtics punk’d the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. #CELTICSIN4
  • Soft Pretzel and Fire Hazard led the pack for much of this morning, demolishing the last mile. Well done
  • Wingman will be hosting a selfie and photoshop session next Friday after the Brave. HC now for your session!
  • Pray for Thin Mint’s uncle, my sister and brother-in-law and Kirby’s sister-in-law

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave

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