Running it back

Running it back

YHC was talking with Deep Dish a few weeks back and offered to take a Q at Hawks Nest, lo and behold the day after Memorial Day was available.  If you don’t know YHC, or haven’t been around me during the May of any of the 8ish years I’ve been posting, you may not be aware of my fervor around remembering the fallen.  The 7 men who posted at HawksNest this morning were resoundingly reminded of that fact, and that my personal belief is Memorial Day = The Murph.


The Thang:

Run to OP and circle up for a quick  COP (IW X20, LSS X20)

Mosey to basketball courts and partner up

Partner 1 runs to one of the two playgrounds for 5 Pull-ups while Partner 2 completes merkins while they wait

Upon Partner 1’s return, both partners complete 15 air squats, then partner 2 heads out to complete 5 pull-ups while Partner 1 completes a set of merkins while they wait.

Flap Jack, Repeato, until both partners complete 10 sets of Pull-Ups

Mosey back to the launch point

Circle up for Mary consisting of Flutta, H2H, and Freddie Mercury



It was great to work out with a solid crew of PAX, where I believe the average age (less YHC) was 50+.  A very RESPECTful effort was offered by all.  YHC had intended to use effort in order to silence the mumble chatter for which the ‘nest is famous, but Trifuesnik was sleeping off their Memorial Day, so we just had strong PAX getting after it in relative silence.

Math is not my strong suit.  I had planned to do 3 person groups in order to ensure enough room on the various pull-up contraptions.  When the numbers turned out to be below average, YHC dropped to partners and flubbed the calculation on the squat count.  So a half-murph turned into a 50 count pull-ups, ~100-150 merkins, and the full 300 squats… Q fail.

F3 is good living, based on the examples provided by Snuka, Chopper, Hopper and Mr. Magoo.  I hope I am going half as strong in 12 years (yes I’m that stinking young boys).

There was quite a significant bit of “out-gassing,” audible over the chirping of birds and grunting of PAX, likely evidence of hops and beef enjoyed in droves over the long weekend.  Its a statement when there is so little mumble chatter during a workout that YHC is resorting to flatulence commentary to fill out a back blast…

Geraldo isn’t “fast for a big man,” he is just plain fast.  YHC tried to drop him on the half mile back to launch from OP, and he dogged me every step of the way, despite us reaching speeds in excess of 6:50/mile

It is always an honor to be trusted to lead, especially when its a group of Wiley veterans like this morning’s PAX.  I was smoked when I got home, hopefully they were as well.  Until next time…





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2 years ago

That was a smoker Flipper! I took the stairs at my office this morning and I nearly had to take a knee in the stairwell. Also can’t bump my pecs or I will scream like Neve Campbell. Great Q and thanks bro! Always strong to pay tribute!

Reply to  Hopper
2 years ago

Nice Q Flipper, Deep Dish & I may have lost count of the rounds. I was trying to keep up with you and Cage before I realized the pace :).

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