Nobody loves the alligator

Nobody loves the alligator

Week two of Runs & Guns started a bit more optimistically than week one, with YHC actually arriving on time for the 0515 pre run to meet up with TurkeyLeg and Toolbag who once again started at 0500 #dedication.  Add in site FNG Jello and we were off for a quick out and back to Day Zero (or in that direction if you didn’t want to run in the low 7s).  Upon arrival back at the launch we were greeted by Goonie, Madison and Orangewhip.  Joker arrived not quite on two wheels and then it was 0530.  Healthy briefing was given which was mildly disclaimer like and we got started.



Agility ladder w/ ~40 yard sprint then mosey around the island and back to the start for 10 minutes.

Mobility Cycle:

Malasana prep squat alternating with Forward Fold

Forward Fold Squat w/ fingers under toes

Runners Lunge alternating with Hamstring stretch

Figure four stretch

Inch Worm

Knee to elbow Bearcrawl


Advanced Alligator

Strength Circuit:

Return of the 10 X Box Jump as the “timer”

Ball-Over Merkins

Single Leg Squat

Strict Curl-Squat-Press & Slam with 40# ball

Scorpion Merkins

Clean & Press w/ 60# bag

Bird-Dog Merkins

Depth Charges





-Welcome Jello, OrangeWhip, Madison & Joker to the mildly demented musings of an under exercised mind.  Good effort from everyone today as we introduced a few new movements and stretched the credibility of the definition of “bootcamp.”  RnG isn’t ever going to be a high intensity workout, the very nature of the mobility segment in the middle prevents that from occurring.  That said, the strength circuit seems to be a crowd pleaser.

-YHC finds himself coaching form more often than I had thought I would, but doing things correctly prevents injury and maximizes results, so there you have it.  Hopefully the PAX appreciate the feedback #pursuitofperfection

-Joker  seemed to particularly appreciate the mobility work as he paused to comment “my hips feel great!”  At nearly 50 years young, mobility is a great way to spice up your fitness routine, especially if you’re a former Nantan.

-OrangeWhip cheats… he just does.  I’ve yet to find something he can’t do well.  Between slaying the agility to sprint cycle and hitting the 30 inch jumps X 10 in what felt like 25 seconds, he was the PAX to beat all morning. T-claps

-Grasshopper was not in attendance today, having posted something on slack late last night about excess celebration.  YHC also over indulged yesterday evening, however when you’re both the site Q and the QIC, the fartsack is not an option… it shouldn’t be for anyone else either so when you see ‘hopper give him some mumble-chatter.

-Goonie clearly played football at some point in his life as his ladder to sprint form was impeccable.

-Jello was embarrassing all of us with his flexibility #balletdad

-YHC is grateful to the PAX for trusting me with their future speed, and I’m enjoying putting together this new format.  That said, looking forward to having a few other Qs step up, if you want to lead RnG let me know!




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