Nothing Goes According to Plan… And thats ok!

Nothing Goes According to Plan… And thats ok!

You would think YHC would be able to effectively execute a plan which had been months in the making… but you would be wrong.  Between poorly times alarm, out of sync morning “rituals” and defective technology, I was ~20 minutes late arriving at Calvary this morning.  This meant no pre-run, hasty set up, and a flustered disposition as the premier episode of Runs and Guns kicked off this morning at 0530.  Three PAX pre-ran and pulled in around 0531 to join YHC, Retread and Goonie, and so we were off!


Mosey to avenue of trees for a brief on the warmup.  Progress from mosey to all-out as you run up the avenue, make a right and recovery mosey around to the last lot and then back to the start.  Repeated 3X to get the legs good and warm.

Mosey back to the truck for mobility work:

-Runners Lunge both sides

-Front Fold

-Front Fold Squat to Stand (hands under toes)

-Side Lunge into Hamstring stretch both sides

-Inchworm Crawl

-Knee To Elbow Bear Crawl

-Alligator Crawl

At this point we pivoted to weighted circuit where 1 PAX was the on the box for 15 well-executed box jumps while the other PAX rotated stations for 5 reps each of:

-Deadlift (120, 80 or 60 lbs sandbags)

-Front squat or shoulder squat (80 or 60)

-Overhead Weighted Lunge (40 lbs)

-Squat to Slam (40# slam ball)

-Pistol Squats (70# in Kbs)

Kept rotating stations while PAX hit their 15 reps on the box until everyone had a set and finished with “Depth Charge” Broad Jumps in rotation.


Ye Ole Moleskine:

Thanks to the 5 PAX who came out and made this morning’s launch a successful one.  YHC has spent no small amount of time preparing to bring this format to life and then an equal time wondering if it would be a success.  I guess time will tell, measured by whether or not the PAX return.  Admittedly this isn’t your standard boot camp, and asks soccer armed runners (in some cases) to do movements with weight with which may be new, so today’s pacing was on the slow side.  As familiarity builds, the workouts will get more intense.   It is YHC’s hope this workout will not only serve to help the PAX build the strength to run faster by the end of the summer, but also equip them with a new set of tools to help in their own acceleration away from the gloom.  Like I said, time will tell..

Next week we’ll take a look at more core and upper body focused movements, with a similar format to this week.



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