Uno – Thrill Rules

Uno – Thrill Rules

So the weather people were 100% positive it was going to rain this morning.  Rain all night.  Rain in the morning.  Rain!!!

Well, the weather people were wrong.  Either Sky Q decided to answer my prayers for no rain, or the weather people just don’t know how to call it.  Either way, it only rained a drop or two this morning and all were thankful.

The shiny glowing box made an appearance and we pulled out the deck of Uno cards for some cards of pain that went like this:

Card 1-9 or 0 (10) equals your reps.

Colors determine the exercise:

Blue – Merkins
Green – Imperial Walkers
Yellow – Squats
Red – Lunges

+2 – Pax picks two exercise, for two reps
+4 – Four reps of all four exercises
Reverse – Repeato the last exercise
Wild – Change color

If you don’t have a matching number card or color then you have to draw from the deck, and its a five burpee penalty for all pax.

Overall I think this was a good workout.  Hopefully you felt the same.

Always an honor to lead.  Appreciate you posting in questionable weather.

DT out.


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