Drop It Like It’s Hot

Drop It Like It’s Hot

The day dawned and it was time to head east yet again to see the pax of Union County.  This time I brought a deck of cards with me. Uno cards to be exact.

After we warmed up, we headed over to the busses and we played a couple rounds of sick and twisted Uno.  Number of the cards (except 0 which equals 10) determines the reps.

Blue = Merkins
Green = LBC’s
Yellow = Squats
Red = Lunges

Skip = Run a lap
+2 = Pick two exercises, two reps each
+4 = Four reps of all four exercises above
Reverse = Repeat the last exercise, but the pax keep picking in order
Wild = Change color

No card that matches color or number in your deck? = Five burpees

So you can blame F3 3D out of the Fort for this little fun and games. 

On second thought, burpees weren’t a great idea, and even Shepherd didn’t come to enjoy them.

It was great to see everyone. 

Please shout out any announcements below.

Please check out @F3Battle on Twitter, where I’m hoping we can shed some light on mental health in the pax.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. 

DT out.


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