Aassspppeeennn BB: Stag Party!

Aassspppeeennn BB: Stag Party!

Aassspppeeennn BB 12/16: Stag Party

It’s a little early for reindeer and elves but Stag and 6 High-Impact Men spread joy and cheer throughout the Aassspppeeennn AO on Thursday 12/16! Thanks for the extreme grace given to this 1st time Q (who has four hooves and doesn’t know how to count properly, and also forgot to take the family pic?? This guy!) as we tried out some crazy ideas inspired by Georges Hébert and Méthode Naturelle: be strong to be useful. We didn’t save any lives from volcanic eruptions today but we’re that much stronger should the need ever arise!


The usual spiel


Mosey around the parking lot

Circle up for side straddle hop


Moroccan nightclub

Arm circles forwards and back


Plank, leading into left leg forward, left hand up, flapjack

The Thang

Lap around parking lot followed by fast lap (80% of max) reverse direction

Bear crawl down yellow sidewalk curb

Supine pull-up “bar-crawl” up walkway rail

Crawl bear down path to sidewalk

Broad jump from colored square to colored square; 2 Tony Hawk burpees on each square

Short mosey to parking lot; lunge walk to arrows

Hit the deck for “Superman” horizontal “pull-downs”

Mosey to playground

Monkey-bars across the crazy turning circles followed by 3 hanging toe touches (or knees to chest modification), Repeato thrice

Then over to the basketball court for a holiday medley of heels to Heaven, Merkins, LBCs, Big Boys, Dolly’s, etc.

Over to the wall for The Peoples’ Chair followed by lunge walks to parking lot

Crab walk to the opposite curb

Mosey around parking lot

Mike Tyson’s

Finished with Have A Nice Day: you have been made for a purpose; are you living it out? Are you cherishing the critical relationships in your life? Are there things you are anxious about but have no control over? Give it to The LORD! Live out what you are called to today!

Back to COT


Swimmers: continues be fast (on the land at least, who knows if he’s actually fast in the water?)

Double E: as always extremely positive, cheerful, and gung-ho despite the early morning hour

HB: thanks for the support and info on Q school!

Landfill: pushing hard as always. On deck for upcoming VQ!

Bonhoeffer: making it look easy! Now I know what “skorts” are…

Bernanke: interest rates remain low but Bernanke’s effort and positive attitude remain through the roof

The Sidewalk is Made of Lava jumps & burpees: where’s Stag on the last two?? Whoops he winded himself with his own exercise plan 😂

40-ish degrees, partly cloudy skies but enough clear spots to see stars shining through and be inspired. General reminder the workout starts at 5:30am Pronto, we might need alarm clocks as Christmas gifts 😆 Thanks all and have a very Merry Christmas with family and friends as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior!

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