Save the Neck for Me Clark

Save the Neck for Me Clark

The Monday after Thanksgiving is always brutal, getting back into the swing of work and real life after a blissful few days off spent watching football and eating too much is a real kick in the stones.  We’re entering the mad dash sprint between Thanksgiving and Christmas where we fight the urge to shut it down at work while trying to tie up loose ends so we can focus on more enjoyable things like buying gifts for loved ones, planning gatherings, and watching superior collegiate tackle football teams prevail over their lesser rivals.  The early alarm got the sprint season started earlier than desired, but health and fitness are imperative at this time of year so tossing around kettlebells is a fine way to attack the day.

We are wrapping up the current program which focuses on squats, cleans, presses, and snatches much to everyone’s delight.  My reading of the Holy Spreadsheet of Antioch told me that 6 sets were in order, but the group found that news most displeasing and insisted that the correct number was 4.  Have it your way.  Following the compulsory portion of the workout we did complexes of swings, merkins and LBCs for three rounds, then rows and deadlifts for a bit. The playlist was my Spotify curated Christmas music list.  I’m unsure if the rest of the group shared my early season enthusiasm but I certainly tried to make it a holly jolly Monday.

When Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” inevitably came on we wondered how much she makes each year from the song, originally released in 1994.  After minutes and minutes of exhaustive internet research it appears that Mariah makes about $3 million annually, which would definitely put some fruit in your cake.  I’m old enough to remember when the queen of Christmas was young, attractive, and sane.  “Last Christmas” by Wham! clocks in at about $1 million per year.  Conversely, whoever wrote “The Christmas Shoes” should be required to pay royalties to everyone whose ears that atrocious pile of dreck has ever assaulted.

It’s officially Christmas season, so remember to move the elf.

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