Wait, I’m Q’ing?

Wait, I’m Q’ing?

Despite some decent marketing, Ralph apparently fart-sacked and I found myself on Q for Bagpipe this morning. I’m likely to blame anyway as I failed to hit him up and confirm he’d actually be there. Beautiful Fall morning for a workout and 12 strong so let’s get this thing started.

The Thang

Quick disclosures and off we go. Mosey down past the gas station and circle up behind the Marriott for warmup.

  • 20 SSH
  • Multiple hamstring and hip stretches, both legs
  • 20 Potato Pickers
  • 15 Windmills

Mosey across the parking lot to next set of walls for 15 jump ups and 25 dips OYO. Mosey towards Sara’s Y to another set of walls for 15 derkins and 15 incline merkins OYO. Mosey across the Y lot to railings on the ramp to the entrance. 15 overhand supine pullups on my count. 20 situps on my count. 15 underhand supine pullups on my count. 20 more situps on my count. Mosey across the parking lot and line up for 4-line suicides. Cooter2 for a 10 count and REPEATO! Mosey down to bottom of hill and parking lot by the fitness trails.  5 burpees OYO and then AYG to the top of the hill where the bridge starts. Plank up and wait for the six. Pax is getting gassed so we don’t stop and quickly mosey to the bottom of the hill and take our first right at the bottom and circle up in a large parking lot. Guess who makes an appearance? Yep Jack Webb! Some Pax clearly not familiar with this as I can see the look of confusion on their faces. I start with 1 merkin and 4 air presses and we proceed around the circle increasing by 1 merkin and 4 air presses each time until we reach 10 merkins and 40 air presses. It just happens that Rousey is last to go and leads us on a rousing final count to 40 Aribas!!! This one hurts. Never sounds like much but the reps add up and the shoulders burn. Mosey back to launch for 3 final minutes of Mary til 6:15.


Best time of year for F3 workouts in my opinion. Lots of great mumblechatter and always a great crew at Bagpipe. Great takeout by Soft Pretzel this morning as we always join forces with Swift.


Blood Drive

Holiday Party 11/19 at OMB @ 6:00

1st day of Impact 5K training tomorrow at The Maul. Pre-run starting at 0510 with 1 mile and stretching.

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