We all hate a Sub-Sti-Q

We all hate a Sub-Sti-Q

Late last night YHC gets a text saying the Q may be a no show due to feeling under the weather. figure with a note like that it would likely be that they’d be out. With that expectation and knowing IPC is being done on Wednesday, I figured to get more mileage.

PAx started showing up, but didn’t see Big Ben…Mumblechatter arose with arm stretching expecting a Big Ben type boot camp with low mileage. Well, when they saw YHC geared up with phone armband, headlamp and speaker.. OH Sh!rt! here we go..


Head toward MC, take a break at the half wall for some dips and step ups, continue to Turkey Trot and circle up for full warm up: SSH/MNC/IW/Calf/Runner stretch/up& down dog


On Turkey Trot culdesac: start with 20 LBC run to end of culdesac doing 3 burpees halfway. Opposite end do 10 Shredder Merkins, back to beginning side with 3 more burpees half way. Repeat 2x.

Head to Running Horse and with 10 Squats at the first two speed humps, then 10 Bombjacks at the next two. At running horse wait fo rthe six in Al Gore with Jabs. Head to circle at Running horse and Autumn Blossom. Circle up and each PAX calls out an Ab workout until we go fully around. Head back down Autumn Blossom stopping at Poppy hill for a quick Jaunt around. Head to Arborvitae ln and Lunge walk around.

continue to the clubhouse with waht was supposed to be an Indian run, albeit the ugliest i have ever seen. Finish up at the wall with 50 Jabs IC/10 Tysons/50 Presses IC/10 tysons.

Back to COT and done.

Moleskin: we definitely got some mileage in and Will say that many PAx cursed Big Ben for his no show.


Prayer Request for Waterboys friend and family (the Murdochs) as they lost one of their teen twin daughters to Bone cancer.  Family and friends are having a rough go.

Prayer request for One Stars mother who will be having surgery tomorrow. May that go smooth for her and their family.

Thanks for My brother surgery going well yesterday.

IPC tomorrow at Cowbell 5:15 Wesley Chapel Petsmart



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