Ever increasing drizzle

Ever increasing drizzle

In preparing for being the Q here, I was really questioning how many PAX will show up since it was competing with IPC. Either non, because everybody wants to do the very famous IPC or a lot of PAX because everybody wanted to escape the pain from IPC. With a total of 10 PAX (including me) showing up, I guess it was a mix of both… if they would only have known the content of my weinky! 😉


Mosey on the parking lot, circle up and: All the classics:  15x in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Maroccon Night Clubs, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers – then calf and runners stretch and finishing with 15x Potato Picker.

The Thang

Mosey to the entrance of the High School. I asked for the creativity of all PAX. Line up on the sidewalk. One is running a small loop on the parking lot, after he called an exercise. The rest is doing the exercise until the runner is back. The next one starts, after calling an exercise and so on. All Exercises are allowed, except “have a nice day”. It felt a bit like MASHing – although I’ve never done it. After everybody was done running one round, we recovered. I don’t recall every exercise, but here are a few: Merkins, American Hammers, Freddy Mercuries, squats,…

Of course, we also needed to get some Cardio in… Mosey to the first alcove and partner up. One partner is running to the other alcove, does 2 burpees and returns back as a timer. The other one is doing donkey kicks, then air presses, then balls to the wall (if possible with merkins), Jabs.

Then: running around – aehm to – the world. Every light pole going back to the parking lot alternating between 10 speed skaters 6 sister Marry Cathrines (?)

Mosey to the parking lot – progressive four corners: 5, 10, 15, 20 merkins was the plan. We did 5, 10 merkins, 15, 20 Carolina Drydogs.

Since we still had time left, we continued with the progressive four corners, but this time with squats. Time only allowed us to go up to 15 squats.

Jail Break to COT


The drizzle was very welcome and got stronger and stronger. But it was not terrible at all… Other than this, not much going on. Great to be out there and get better – even if it is not the IPC! Great work, Big Ben!


  • Labor Day convergence at Cuthbertson Middle School with a full menu of different things (6:30 launch)
  • Commitment stays open during IPC
  • SOB convergence comming up as well
  • Tickler will have his VQ at Lasts Call this Friday – BYO rubber

Johnny Utah took us out – thank you!

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