IPC Week Zero – 2021

IPC Week Zero – 2021

Week 0 IPC 2021

This does NOT count as a Q so don’t you worry Chicken Little.I slept great last night but at 5am I realized where I was headed. Damn you IPC…

I had only really confirmed Bottlecap and Easy Button to attend as of last night. I pull up and 6-7 cars? Damn it we won’t be able to use the track if high school kids are there. I break it to EB as he pulls up….then we see Dasher trotting around the lot.

Oh man guys are already out taking a gander at the track? 3 IPC virgins in attendance? Oh boy. We find the one corner that has decent light and set up shop. Camera is rolling and it’s time to get this over with.

DiCCS given. Confirmed workout logistics. And it’s time…

I don’t want to give anything away but starting with 100 x Merkins is an ass kicker. Lots of different methods were discussed. I started with 15 reps and 10 secs rest. Couple rounds of that and it went to 10 reps, 7 reps… then 5 reps and then who knows. And that’s pretty much how the rest of the morning went.

Shoutout to everyone pushing yourself. Some guys partnered up and knocked out reps in unison. Whatever it takes to get it over with. You vs You is the next level of difficulty we don’t measure enough. It scares some pax off but it shouldn’t. Never too early to whoop your own ass.

Do it. Get better. Take a nap.


  • IPC Relay squad is ready. 5am Friday morning.
  • IPC Week 0 being hosted by Homecoming crew, more details available soon.
  • F3 Waxhaw Convergence for our 2nd year anniversary! This is not to be missed and hunt for some FNGs.

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