Sightseeing Around Calvary

Sightseeing Around Calvary

Let’s get right to it shall we?

The Thing:

8 early risers moseyed through the Calvary parking lot (with ideas and threats to stop for 100 monkey humpers at the Meathead group) to a parking area near the hotbox. Here was a standard warmup with SSH, Steve Earles, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, and Morrocan nightclubs.  In the middle of COP Floor Slapper came out of the shadows to make our group 9.  I am still not sure where he came from.

Jogged over to a parking lot adjacent to Hwy 51. There were 8 grassy islands in said lot. Here we did a suicide ladder running to the 1st island for 1 burpee and 3 squats. Back to start and run to 2nd island for 2 burpees and 6 squats. Back to start…so on until finishing the 8th island with 8 burpees and 24 squats.  Snuka, Tagalong and Mr. Magoo crushed  this like it was nothing and led Mary for the rest of the group to finish.

Next headed over to the rock pile in front of Calvary. Grab a lifting rock for sets of 20 curls, OH presses and tri extensions. Rest and then repeat. Blimey noted that he lifted the day before so he modified to hit areas that were not jelly from the prior day’s lifting #getyoked.  YHC on the other hand dropped his rock when shaking the arms out before the last round of tri extensions #rookie

Time to partner up and select the best rock between you for a rock carry Indian run around Calvary. P1 starts out running carrying the rock while P2 drops for 5 shoulder tap merkins. P2 catches up to P1 and flapjack until back at rock pile. Due to odd number YHC hopped in with Emoji and Floor Slapper. Not sure if this helped or hurt bc as Emoji pointed out it led to extra credit rounds of shoulder tap merkins. I was amazed at how fast the Pax knocked this out.  Point Break and Snowflake were early finishers of course.  I joked about having time for a 2nd trip around. This was met with groans of which YHC was one. I did not want to do that again.

Moseyed to the hotbox. Back with partners. P1 runs around and down hill to soccer/football fields for 10 2 cone shuttles. Then back up the hill to relieve P2 who is cranking away at the 100 step ups needed combined.  When teams finished that we repeated but with Bonnie Blairs at the bottom of the hill and 150 dips combined at the hotbox.

Moseyed to launch as the clock hit 6:15.


Great work all around. I was amazed at how fast we got through the exercises. Good push from all.
Thanks Point Break for tapping me to lead and heal up Lorax.


– F3 Nation Nantan, Slaughter, on Q Aug 27th at Centurion.

– F3 10 Year Anniversary Oct 8-10 in Cape Fear, NC

– SOB Blood Drive Oct 29th at Matthews Town Hall

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