I’ve been to Lawson 8,457 times, yet

I’ve been to Lawson 8,457 times, yet

I still get lost every time I’m there.    Maybe it’s because it’s always dark at 5:20am when I visit. Anyway, this time I brought some Lawson locals to help me navigate the 32 cul-de sacs and trail  system.


Mosey a mile on over to Lawson clubhouse.  Avoid getting hit by all of the Flash crew. Pretend not to hear any of the heckling about headlamps.

Warm up: Squats x15

Thang:  at the playground-10 mike tysons then 10 pull ups, repeat 5x

To Deer Meadows Dr., to Sewee Ln and Southern Trace Dr., circle, then to Ringtail same thing; at every corner 2 merkins, then 4 merkins, etc to 10; start again at 2 up to 8;  Basically we ran around the blocks twice, small rectangle, then bigger one; was supposed to be a third but that didn’t exist.

Down to bottom of Deer Meadows in cul de sac; 20 jump squats

Then: 10 Big Boys; run through the path to Ringtail Dr. cul de sac; 10 scorpion CDD each leg; repeat 3 times;

Time to head back; at every light pole to Lawson clubhouse 4 merkins

Then at every light pole to Cuthbertson street 8 jump squats

At cabin guys house (est. 12/16/19 backblast) collect crew and run down to stop sign 20 scorpion dry docs at speed bump and at stop sign

5 mi plus passed by many F3 homes


Fast crew for this epic and delightful adventure down to the gold plated streets of Lawson filled with sunshine and rainbows pretty average run through Lawson again.    Powerful and strategic marketing leads to enormous Ignition crowds as usual.  No I didn’t just make this workout up the morning of.  The nerve.  Yes they all worked hard except for the nameless pax who we caught walking through the dark streets of Lawson.

Bottlecap-Took off his shirt at the 50 minute mark.  Winner for longest shirt wearer.  Also had the gall to try and push the pace on multiple occasions.  Until 6:08 that is.

Dasher-Immediately took off his shirt pre-workout. Also loves his new and improved kippingless pullups routine.

Easy Button-Shirt came off at the 40 minute mark.   Also tried to correct me about Goggle Maps being incorrect about a lack of street placement.  Easy ignore.

Glidah-Never wore a shirt. Came shirtless.  Also unsure if he actually owns a shirt.   Doesn’t sweat.  Just glistens.

 Announcements:  Yes

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