Arbor Day!!!!

Arbor Day!!!!

16 eager / strong Rebel Yeller’s escaped the warm fartsack this morning despite the temperature drop and the frigid conditions!


Mosey over by the ATM for:


SSH x20

Ski Abs x20ish

Mountain Climbers x20

Enough of that so lets ROLL, go seek out some toys for some circuit work.

  • Chairs dips x30 (x2)
  • Dderkins x20 (x2)
  • Rail slides x2 (each direction)

Mosey to the field of trees (not sure if it has ever been used):  Arbor Suicides.  This was approximately 100-120 total yards out and yes, you have to come back.

  •  2 Perkins / Sprint to 3rd tree and back
  •  4 Perkins / Sprint to 5th tree and back
  •  6 Perkins / Sprint to 7th tree and back
  •  8 Perkins / Sprint to 9th tree and back
  •  10 Perkins / Sprint to the end of the field tree line and back….

Round 2 –Diamonds.

Rounds 3, 4, 5 & 6 – Split into 2 groups for Alternating AYG Sprints:  All You Got.  First group sprints out and back.  Second group rests.  Flapjack until completed.  NOTE: this is where things got sneaky, more to come…

A few MOM….

Naked Moleskin:

The temps were a tad frigid but the PAX was eager on this beautiful morning.  YHC was immediatley confronted with “Are we heading off-site/campus today?”  Being that this was only YHCs 2nd visit, he wasn’t sure what was considered on-site / off-site and toys readily available to play with.  So I performed a recon mission during lunch yesterday and crafted a plan what I thought looked decent on paper with the terrain but I think that will certainly be argued and debated.

Once the PAX landed on the field for the arbor (tree to tree) suicides, there was a lot going on.  So much so that Philmont eventually busted out into some sort of full on gibberish freestyle rap session towards the end #02deprivation.  The PAX wasn’t sure what to make of it and kindly looked away.  A few pax, during the arbor suicides, were keeping way left in the shadows near the fence line – to no doubt take the easy way out.

Alf was outfront as usual all morning and led PAX #1 out and back during the AYG Springs #alpha and Bulldog led the charge for PAX#2.  This is when things got interesting and fuzzy, at least for PAX #1.  Original instructions were simply AYG sprints out and back as a group while the other group “recovered”.  Bulldog decided to get creative, call an audible and throw in mulitple difficult said exercises #turkishgetupsetc…. while in recovery.

What the weary PAX in Group #1 wasn’t aware of (YHC included) is that only we were performing said exercises!!!  Well done sire #sneakybrit! #Qfail #bullocks


  • Sign-ups for BRR are still open, contact Baracus if interested.
  • Times for all Monday (MLK Day 01.20.14) workouts will be held at their normal times.
  • There are still opening’s for the GO-Ruck challenge in March (Bulldog is recruiting)
  • Mic Check on Q next week for Rebel Yell (if you haven’t attended one of MCs beat down’s yet, this one is going to HURT oh so good)
  • Spackler on Q tomorrow at Kevlar (he promisses no running involved and simply 45 Minutes of Mary in the parking lot).  You may not even have to get out of your car and if you do, just bring your Yoga mat.

It was absolutely my pleasure to lead such a strong group of young men this morning and hope everyone got their $$$$’s worth.  I definitely did.

If I’ve ommitted anything, please sound off.


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Mighty Mite
10 years ago

Off-campus only means one thing when you are at Stonecrest: The Murderhorn. I imagine some of The Maul’s regulars were still healing from making several climbs up the monster a day earlier and they wanted to make sure there wasn’t a return trip on the agenda.

10 years ago

I know where murderhorn is….I guess I didn’t hear you ask. Or I have selective hearing which I’m accused of quite often at home these days. But, I think El Campo de Arboles worked perfectly. Those runs were quite taxing. And if you didn’t find someone else’s path to run in it felt like you were running in 6 inches of snow. Maybe the guys near the fence had the right idea!

I haven’t the faintest clue what was coming out of Philmont’s mouth. Who knows, it could have been his very own rap song. And after today, I learned I will never ask him for a 10 count. I think he did it on purpose to further increase the pain we were all feeling.

Great work Zip. Whether you like it or not, you’ve earned a place among the deep rotation of Rebel Yell Q’s.

10 years ago

Great lead Zip. Group 1 did a lot more work than Group 2 for sure. I did hear Philmont tell one of the pax not to groan or grimace when exercising but he had held it in too long and it all finally came out on that ten count!

Mic Check
10 years ago

Definitely the first time for that area to be explored. Great lead Zippidy. I would have pointed out The Murderhorn had I heard you ask.

It’s great seeing a different crowd come out on Thursday and experience the Maul grounds. Alf and Bulldog were beasts out there.

Welcome back to Grass Stain. Haven’t seen that kid in a while. The missed time didn’t seem to affect him though. Dang youngsters.

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