Back to the grind

Back to the grind

The key to training is discipline. Motivation is fleeting. Discipline requires commitment even when you’re tired, sore and pissy about yesterday’s ShoreCard workout that left me physically and emotionally abused. Anyways…another morning and another chance to get better.

Ruck up and carry sandbags to the track –

Round 1
Lap A – Ruck only, American Indian Style Run
5 Sandbag get-ups, 5 sandbag squats, 5 push-up/sandbag pull-thru and 5 sandbag sit-ups
Lap B – Ruck/Sandbag carry
10 Sandbag get-ups, 10 sandbag squats, 10 push-up/sandbag pull-thru and 10 sandbag sit-ups
Lap A
15 Sandbag get-ups, 15 sandbag squats, 15 push-up/sandbag pull-thru and 15 sandbag sit-ups
Lap B
20 Sandbag get-ups, 20 sandbag squats, 20 push-up/sandbag pull-thru and 20 sandbag sit-ups
Lap A

Bring sandbags and rucks to the surface lot. Ditch Sandbags.

Round 2
Ruck overhead 20 yards
1 burpee, 2 ruck swings, 3 toe-tap crunch with ruck overhead
repeat carries and exercises adding multiples until
5 burpees, 10 ruck swings 15 toe-tap crunch with ruck overhead

Kudos to CheeseCurd and Focker for getting back out after a rough day at Shore Card. Geraldo has been providing essential wisdom for taking on an event. He knows his stuff.  Grateful for the SACS crew for providing great training for GrowRuck and functional fitness.

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