Time Management

Time Management

The night before a Q, for me, is much like the night before a football game.  So much excitement, a little butterflies, and always a little doubt.  Excitement because I enjoy all 3 F’s.  Butterflies, are just the nerves settling.  The doubt is always related to not having enough planned for the boot camp.  Well gotta tell ya, after 4 camps under my belt, that usually I have more than enough.  Now just have to manage old father time!


No need to mosey, we held warm-up @ launch.  Began with some nice easy movement to get the blood circulating.  Air jump ropes, Heisman’s, and jump squats.

The thang:

mosey over to the wall performed a border jump, named by @rousey, and began 11’s.  The 11’s started with 1 – 4×4 merkins and mountain climbers a short dash to store front 10 – LBC’s dashed back over to the wall for another border jump until we reached 10 – 4×4’s and 1 – LBC.  If anyone is interested, @Olaf, total of 220 merkins performed during this 25 minute ground and pound.  While waiting for the 6, me, @war_eagle led a mary of flutter kicks.

I felt at this point that I would still have enough time to get in the other 3 workouts I had planned for the Pax, boy was I wrong.  Anyhow, we mosey’d on down to the fountain, I call it that because I am not sure what that area is called, for some mini border jumpers.  10 times up over and back afterwards run downhill and back up.  Once complete wait for the 6 while in the peoples chair against the wall.  Once the 6 were in we began a civilian count of arm presses x51.

Now, I began to get a little anxious, because time, as it so often does, is slipping through my fingers.  As we are moseying along I glance at my watch and we are down to 15 minutes till we need to be back.  The decision was made to leave the long hill sprint till my next Q @ the bagpipe, if they allow me back!  We dropped for some crunchy frogs, better known as in and outs and then mosey’d back to launch.

Upon arrival we circled up for a dose of AC/DC Thunderstruck.  The goal of this 4.5 minute song is to perform SSH’s until you hear the word “THUNDER” @ which point you would sprawl and then go back to the SSH.  Who knew the word thunder could be used some many times in a song!


@war_eagle – Crane relay need more to sign up

@cooter2 – Official change of the guard to @rousey as co-site leader for the bagpipe

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