Monday Aggression

Monday Aggression

Warm Up Thang1:

Ran to the nice wood benches behind the HS; did 50 dips feet on benches


-To the shed; 25 Mike Tysons

-To the circle bottom; run up 5 streetlights, first then back, second then back, etc. ; at every light 10 merkins, at starting point 10 CDDs

-Back to the shed-10 Mike Tysons

-To the yellow brick road rock pile; 10 shoulder presses IC, 10 goblet squats IC, 10 thrusters IC; 10 curls IC;  Then repeat

On through Lawson shortcut-at every light on left, 10 merkins, at right 10 jump squats; this was done to the pool;

-To bottom of This Is Ignition; 30 Heels to Heaven at Bottom, 10 flutters/10 American hammers at top; did this 4 times getting progressively shortly on the runs down;

Back to shortcut entrance; alternated sprinting and jogging between light poles

Back to rock pile-10 shoulder presses IC, 10 goblet squats IC, 10 thrusters IC; 10 curls IC;  Then repeat

To start-15 Mike Tysons, then run lap around lot.



#1-Ignition’s marketing team went on a non-approved vacation this weekend and will be terminated upon their return by the Ignition CEO and Board.   The new marketing rep, if ever hired due to ongoing budget cuts, will vow to do better and look to attract some new men to the fold.

#2-Easy Button out of the gate immediately taking shots at the lack of a proper Group Me preblast.  See above.   And after the workout almost saw him throw his new shoes away after realizing that they didn’t make him any faster.  #falseadvertising  #sketchersforlife

#3-Ice 9 thought it was a bit aggressive to start off with 50 dips as the warm up.  Since I no longer do warmups, his comment was ignored.  He also broke unwritten rule #6 as he tried to explain proper form all while on the This is Ignition hill.   Save that for The Floater.

#4-Rubbermaid gives blood, sits in the sun all day, then shows up to run fast knowing that he was going to get fogged up glasses and sweat out whatever energy he had left in him. Brave and reckless at the same time, perfect.


Bushwood and Blackhawk running full court press on their workouts this week

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