6 – 4 – 7, Saban would not be impressed

6 – 4 – 7, Saban would not be impressed

12 men showed up to the Calvary parking lot for a cool Saturday morning.  The workout was advertised as a salute to the 246th anniversary, to the day, of General George Washington’s acceptance of the command of the Continental Army.  This little factoid was shared with the assembled Rock Zero pax at 0700.  The Olympians, much like the Greeks in the 18th century, were too far away to hear and too pre-occupied with their own business to be bothered.

Not many people know General Washington’s war record, and so it was shared that morning with the assembled pax and the assurance that this workout would honor 6 wins, 4 ties, and 7 losses.  As one might surmise by this record, if General Washington was a coach in today’s modern sports world, he might have been out of a job.  And in an effort to keep our Alabama-Snowflake pax satisfied, if Nick Saban were a redcoat Washington would have been toast.  Thankfully, Washington was more like Mike Ditka he had his wins, he had his losses, and retired a hall of famer.

But enough about Ditka, let’s get back to the workout.

Da Thang

Mosey around the parking lot towards the Hot Box.  Circle up for the typical warmup exercises.  After that we hit the Hot Box to celebrate General Washington’s wins.  All 6 of them.  For this, pax completed 6 4 rounds of called exercises and ran down the hill of trash cans to the bottom and back.  There was much debate on going to the end of the sidewalk or taking the three extra steps to get to the garbage can ON the grass.  After the 4th round, the OTHER workout showed up and started making fun of us.  The other workout being two middle aged women with 15 pound dumbells.   Apparently, Runstopper’s half zip sleeveless vest did not impress these ladies and they commented profusely on the pax need to stop and breathe actual oxygen after 4 rounds.  Pax wisely moved to the front of the Hot Box for some wall sits with air presses and story time balls to the wall.  Today’s story, how Runstopper got his F3 name.  After both rounds,  pax ran to the light pole in the parking lot and back.

Move onto the Avenue of the Trees.  One day this will get a proper LOTR/Ent reference but until then …  At the avenue of the trees we contemplated the 4 ties during General Wahsington’s career.  Such contemplation could only be completed with 4 rounds of 5 reps of a called exercise at each tree.  After the 2nd round we stopped for some Murray (because Mary is for young guys and Murray is a proper representation of fat middle-aged men trying to get a 6 pack in the summer). After this, the pax wrapped up the final 2 rounds.  Head over to the Rock Pile to contemplate Washington’s losses.

YHC’s instructions were to grab a lifting rock and the pax were informed that losing sucks.  So grab a lifting rock and head to the adjacent lot for descending 7’s.  Start at the first island and do 1 overhead press then mosey all the way to the last island with your lifting rock and do 6 rock squats.  Come back to the fist island and complete 2 OH presses then mosey to the second to last island for 5 rock squats, rinse and repeat.  Each time pax got closer and closer until we wrapped up with all pax cursing YHC’s good ideas.  It should be noted that Runstopper had a strong lead on the pax all morning until now.  We needed Proehl out there to keep him in check.  There were many comments about choosing a lifting rock for running but this is where YHC reminds the pax that losing sucks.  It sucked for General Washington and it sucks for the assembled pax.

With just under 10 minutes to go, pax replaced their rocks gently, back where they found them by throwing them as far as they could without approaching the Rock Pile.  Mosey across the parking lot to the cemetery and the circle up at the flag pole for the Pledge of Allegiance.  For whatever reason, Calvary church has left the cemetery gates open alot.  Time for someone to take advantage of that extra strip of asphalt.  It’s not like the current residents are getting a lot of use out of it.  Head back to launch and round up the Olympus pax to join us for COT.

Da Moleskine

Solid group for a cool Saturday morning.  Wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of numbers with the 4th of July weekend upon us but the pax in town did not disappoint.

  • Welcome FNG, Warped Tour.  EH’d by Mildew.  He is to young to know what the Warped Tour is but he wore a Vans t-shirt to the workout and the other option was Lilith after the Lilith Fair.  He can thank me later.  Warped Tour was a solid FNG and kept pace with us throughout the entire workout
  • Welcome, Emoji from F3 Richmond.  He recently moved to town and was super excited to be transfer his membership from F3 Richmond to Area 51/SOB.  Look out for him at workouts in the coming weeks.  He was really anxious to meet other pax and get know the AOs.
  • Sound off with other fond memories of the workout.

The pax were treated to a history lesson between each set of rounds.  Here’s the breakdown for you on the wins, ties and losses of General Wahsington.

6 victories
Siege of Yorktown
Battle of Princeton
Battle of Trenton
Battle of Second Trenton
Battle of Harlem Heights
Siege of Boston

4 draws
Battle of Monmouth
Battle of the Clouds
Battle of Whitemarsh
Forage War

7 losses
Battle of Long Island
Battle of Kip’s Bay
Battle of White Plains
Battle of Fort Washington
Evacuation of Fort Lee
Battle of Brandywine
Battle of Germantown

Da Announcements

Crane Relay, plenty of spots still open to run

GrowRuck 24


Thanks to High Tide for the takeout

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