Kickin It Old School


Kickin It Old School

With July 4th falling on a Sunday and most people off on Monday the 5th it was a no-brainer to extend the Independence Day celebration another day.  And what better way to celebrate than a 2.0 friendly workout where all Pax can release their inner 2.0 as well.  An emerging hot spot for outdoor activities, Ballantyne’s Backyard, was the decided upon terrain where we could roam far and wide.  8:00 hit and the crew of 21 was pulled in for a disclaimer and off we went.

The Thang:

Circle up on a putting green for a warmup of SSH, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parkers and Arm Circles.  Mosey to the tee box on the next hole.  Here YHC, Mary Kay and Midriff had set up a relay course for a partner relay.  Farthest tee box P1 bear crawls to the end of the tee box then flapjack.  Once both partners have bear crawled the tee box sprint to the next tee box.  Here several dozen eggs and spoons were strategically placed for an egg spoon carry.  P1 carries an egg on a spoon down to the end of the tee box then flapjack.  If your egg falls you have to start over.  Once both partners have finished on to the 3rd tee box for crab walks.  Once you and your partner have finished the crab walks both sprint down to cones in the fairway.  Turn at the cones and then work your way back through the relay course to the start.  This relay ended up being more of a grinder than I anticipated but  Sabertooth and the robot crew of T1000, Johnny 5 and C3PO smoked the course.  Kudos to the couple of dads that had to bear crawl and crab walk while carrying 2.0’s.

After a 10 count we moseyed back to the putting green where we warmed up.  Here we broke out into 2 groups for a relay race: Pax that were 15 years of age and under in one team and Pax that were over 15 years of age in another team.  In order to even out the number of Pax in each group Midriff and Taco Stand smartly volunteered to join the under 15 age group.  The first person on the U15 team had to run up a shorter hill and do the number of merkins that matched their age.  They then ran to the back of the line and the next Pax went until everyone had gone.  The Over15 team had to run up a much taller hill and do 20 merkins.  The other stipulation was that the Over 15 team had to plank until the last person had gone.  Not surprisingly the U15 team crushed the relay and to add salt to the wound planked themselves until the O15 team was done.

Finally time for the main event, the inaugural F3 kickball game.  We had about 35 minutes to get 5 innings in.  Teams were divvied up and it was time to start kicking.  Many highlights came from this one both from the older and younger Pax.  Despite some questionable calls from head umpire, Mary Kay, it was a very cleanly played game.  Ultimately Team 1 came out on top 7 – 5.  The post game party consisted of bottles of water and popsicles.



This one was a lot of fun.  None of the 2.0’s seemed to be bored and they all stayed engaged the whole time.  And they really put in the work and did the activities in the relays.

There was a drone flying overhead much of our kickball game.  Either it was filming us for a Northwoods Properties promotion or a police drone following Kirby’s every move.

We welcomed FNG “Crash Test”.  Crash Test owns a company that sells safety gear and after tweaking a knee during kickball he noted that he could test his products on himself…thus “Crash Test”.



  • 2nd F shovel flag making party 7/17 at Taco Stand’s cul-de-sac.  Each AO should have a shovel flag and we have 13 sites in SOB land that do not have a shovel flag.  Shovel flag supplies and libations provided so it will be a great time to pitch in and make the flags while hanging out with fellow Pax.
  • Crane Relay 8/13.  If you can do a bootcamp you can run the relay.  Another chance to get to hang out with more Pax except there will be a tad more running than at the shovel flag making party.

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