Chesty friday

Chesty friday

The Warm up

  • 15 SSH
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 25 Moroccan Night Clubs
  • Calf stretch
  • Downward Dog
  • Jimmy Dugan to potato pickers

The Thang

  • bring coupons over to Mt. Chiseled with intermittent stop for cowbell swings
  • Partner up on Mt. Chiseled
    • Circuit 1:  Partner 1: rifle carries length of Mt. Chiseled.  Partner 2:  Chest Press / Arms to heaven / Shoulder press
    • Circuit 2:  Partner 1: Rifle Carry backwards up Mt. Chiseled.    Partner 2:  Chest Press / Incline Press / Shoulder Press
    • Circuit 3: Partner 1: Rifle carry around Mt. Chiseled.                  Partner 2: Chest Press / Bent over Row / Curl to press
  • Rifle Carry back to COT.  Time for Make It Stop which Recalculating led off with.
  • Bunyan took us out

The Moleskine

Thanks TB and Chastain for inviting me to Q today.  I wanted to make this as hard as I could so poached a few ideas from a Popeye beatdown.  Good crowd and chatter today.  I am not sure how TB would rank this workout in terms of difficulty.


  • Christ Closet needs help this weekend.  Big furniture give away to make room for new items.  Please reach out to TB or show up after commitment to help.
  • Mayhem had a good message.  Reach out to some family or friends that you have not connected to in a while.  Everyone is going through a rough time or coming off a rough year and could use a check in.

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