But Wait, There’s More!

But Wait, There’s More!

It was a breath through a straw kind of humid morning, but with a 6:02am start time at least we had a little sunrise sky to enjoy as we started off on our mosey.  My daughter turns 14 tomorrow so in honor of her, and hoping she doesn’t turn into a bratty teen soon, we did 14 of everything today.

Our warm up exercises were 14 of each, SSH, Mountain climbers, Goof Balls & Merkins.

We continued our mosey to a nice flat parking lot area and started a bear crawl indian run.  We each got into a parking space and the pax on the end called out an exercise  for the group to do while he bear crawled to the front of the line of pax.  We continued this for 2 rounds.  I think 5 pax called out burpees which generated some good mumble chatter.

Did some more mosey to the front of the middle school and did a round of the Motivator from 8 down to 1, doing SSH, Seal Jacks, No Hand Jacks, and Skier Jacks.

Mosey to back of middle school where we found our first surprise.  Some middle school kid left a white board with some exercises written on it, and darned if he didn’t write 14 next to each one.  So we decided to give them a try.   This was a stacking routine 1st round was 14 step ups, then a lap around the field with 2 burpees halfway.  Round 2 was 14 step ups, 14 derkins, then burpee lap.  Round 3 was 14 step ups, 14 derkins, 14 snow angels, burpee lap.  Round 4 was 14 step ups, 14 derkins, 14 snow angels, 14 smurph jacks, burpee lap.  We did Mary in between each round to let the 6 catch up.

We finished that up, finally, and what did we discover?  There was more!  The bottom of the white board was covered with some paper, and under the paper there were even more exercises written, with 14’s next to them, wow!

14 each American Hammers, dips, Bobby Hurleys, Donkey kicks- we did them all together.

Mosey back towards COT, stopped half way for some Mary, each pax called one out and we did 14 reps, some in cadence some single count.

Mosey to COT with 5 min to go.  I think everyone thought I was getting my phone out of my truck for name-a-rama, but wait, there was more!  I pulled my tractor tire out of the truck bed, much to everyone’s delight!

Each pax took a turn calling out an exercise for the group to do while they flipped the tire 10X.  Most guys called out something kind of easier for this one, no more burpees thankfully.  And that was time.

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