Gates at Ansley is a thing?

Gates at Ansley is a thing?

DICCS given, FNG introduced around, and we’re moseying.. SSH/IW/Morrocan Nightclubs/ some other stuff x18 reps to warm up.

Thang: Mosey’d off campus to check out the super smooth pavement in the Gates of Ansley. Before we did though, we caught a seat wall for some step ups and dips x2.. Once in the neighborhood, we did a burpee at every mailbox on the left and big boys at every mailbox on the right (at the halfway mark we switched to merkins on the right, stayed with burpees for the left).. That one looked better on paper, cause that was brutal. Mary’d til the 6 got in and mosey’d back to the MES rock pile. Partner up and do rock work while other partner runs, to burn up the rest of the time. Bust it back to COT where Smuggler and Long Haul try to see who can pull a hamstring faster.

Nice cool morning and the pavement in the Gates really is pristine, gloves not even really needed. Bunion took us out. Need Q’s for Last Call, which is moving to a 6:02 start now that school is out. Welcome FNG Mike Howard from Firethorne. He is in the rubber business (more like sells rubber to tire manufacturer’s, but that didn’t matter for naming) so he’s Tickler..

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