Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy

Was this the PAX that launched a thousand reps

and burnt the topless towers of Blakeney

Sweet Helen, make me more than just this…


11 Pax launched from the dock and set a course through the Blakeney sea. The gloom of the morning weighed heavy on the Pax as they tendered into their first port.  First to arrive and greet the Pax was Sir Burpee.  Sir Burpee is a fidgety man, constantly moving up and down.  After a short meet and greet Sir Burpee decided to join the expedition and the sailors set out to their next port of call, Merkin Island.  Merkin Island was not your typical island,  no white sand to be seen, only a black tarred rocky surface with low brush, which kept each sailor on their hands and toes have to flirt with the tarred surface millimeters from their face.  After pushing through the thick brush for 10 clicks the sailors decided this was no place to set camp so they set sail once again.

The sea was like black glass and in the distance the men saw, what looked to be, a mountain.  The Pax anchored ship and decided to climb the mountain to catch a peak at what lies ahead.  Slow and steady the men climbed 15 clicks up the mountain staying low bringing knees to chest each time.  Arriving at the peak of the mountain they gazed out across the terrain to find only a meek pond setting in the middle of a field.  As the Pax approached the pond each decided to take a dip.  After their arms had been exhausted it was time to continue the journey.  Back to the sea it was for a short float to Geyser bay.

After anchoring just off the bay the men looked back to find their boat starting to float away each of them quickly got on their six and starting pulling the rope each time lifting shoulders slightly off the ground and bringing knees to elbow and then extending just enough to pull the boat back towards land, only taking 25 good strong pulls.

Moving inland we encountered a new a strange tribe who worshiped the sun using their feet.  With a mixture of emotions; confused, worried, and tired the Pax decided to join in.  Laying on their six each of them raised their heals to heaven and lowered, keeping them slightly off the ground each time.  After about 30 times the men decided the sun god was not paying attention and bid the tribe ado.

Tracking further inland the Pax decided to take a squat or two or three each time unable to get comfortable after about 35 rounds everyone decided it was time to move.  On the trail back to the bay the men encountered a creature unlike any it had seen before.  The creature was big a burly beast moving on all on fours.  Trying to keep their distance they moved silently passed the creature. Later they came across what looked like a bird, wobbling low to the ground with webbed feet.  The webbed footed bird, unable to move very fast, would have been a great meal for the hungry Pax but after deliberating for about 10 seconds they decided to continue on their journey.  The Pax, rapidly approaching the bay, found themselves so excited to be back they started jumping up and down while moving their arms.  After gathering their composure the men rushed up and down the bay to make sure everyone had made it back.  Just before leaving each man positioned themselves at the base of the bay slightly inclined hands on edge and each man lowered himself to drink consecutively until each had quenched their thirst.   Sir Burpee having liked the bay decided to stay behind.  With sadness in their eyes, the men bid farewell to sir burpee.

Finally the time had arrived for the final passage through the canal up to Blakeney.  On the way through the canal the men decide to make a quick stop by the Well in Fargo.  While there, excited to be near their final destination, the men enjoyed a little quick dancing, in traditional fashion, toe tap…toe tap.  Just before the merriments ceased the Pax each had a chance to dance a Mary with Rosalita before lying down the hammer.

In reflection of our journey taken this day every Pax carried with them what was before to each destination, compounding the overall rep count to 1,060.

Great Job Men! Hope to do it again soon, Thanks for having me!



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