Don’t Let The Door Hit You In the A$$

Don’t Let The Door Hit You In the A$$

16 men joined YHC at Centurion for a workout and handing over of the shovel flag. Disclaimer given and we took off.

Mosey across 51 to the WF parking lot. Circle up.


SSH/IW/MC/Peter Parker/Merkins

Mosey down 51 to CCHS campus to Stairwell 3 of Tartarus. Chair Plank. Talk of A51 Champions begins.

Quinite Tower Set

5 trips up to level 4 and back down. 100 Jump Squat mixed in wherever pax chose.

Mary to regroup

AYG to level 4 using ramps. Plank-o-rama at top. Mosey down to ground level.

Chair Plank. Continue Talk of A51 Champions.

Quinite Tower Set 2

5 trips up to level 4 and back down. 125 Merkins mixed in. Pax choice.

Mary/Plank to regroup

Mosey back to launch lot. Circle up.

Mary/Plank/Burpees for 5 minutes. Done



Snowflake was handed the shovel flag this morning. He joins Preschool as a co-site Q at Centurion. These guys will do a great job leading this site. T-claps to both for stepping up to lead. Centurion is a long-running site in A51. My first post, over 9 years ago, was right here. Hurt like a mother-f-er. Dora was on Q. He ran us through Byron’s 40th birthday workout. Found out later, Byron was not in attendance. We celebrated with a ridiculous amount of squats, which I felt for a solid week afterwards.

A51 Champions were talked about. Dolphin was in town for his daughter’s graduation. He moved to the beach a while back. Great to see him again. Told the pax about his completion of the Barkley Marathons
“Fun Run.” A huge accomplishment of 3 laps of a roughly 20-mile loop starting at the Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee. It is described as the hardest ultra running event. Watch a documentary on the race HERE. Well done, Dolphin.

Also, brought up Curd’s recent WTF gold medal performance, as well as, his Mud Run A51 Championship, many moons prior. Another A51 Mud Run Champion, also a pre-runner today, Hops, was in attendance as well. Talked about A51 and F3 participation in the Mud Run down in Columbia, SC, when we used to charter a bus and bring 20 or so teams of 4 men down to race the other regions and our A51 teams for bragging rights. Back in the day.

Get something on your calendar. Challenge yourself and the guys around you. Give yourself a reason to avoid the fartsack.

Floorslapper pulled in as we were leaving the launch lot. No surprise there. He caught up.

Hops, Sable, Lorax, and, Curd completed the Centurion mile prior to the workout. Preschool ran in and back.

Clover’s barber disappeared. He is looking for recommendations.

Great group of men this morning. Thankful to lead and share some fellowship.

We prayed for Dolphin’s daughter and Hops’ oldest, who are both graduating this weekend.

We prayed for Jennings Palmer, for complete healing, from cancer. Please keep him in your prayers.

Preschool announced that he and Snowflake are looking for Q’s for Centurion schedule. Get you one (or more) on the Google Sheet that will be floating around the inner-webs.

Memorial Day Convergence on Monday. South Charlotte Middle School. Thunder Road on Q. Runs and Guns will also do the Murph and launch from the same spot. 0700-0800

Have a great weekend. Remember why we celebrate Memorial Day, for those who gave their lives for our freedom here in the US. The US has lost over 1.3 million servicemen and servicewomen since 1775.




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11 months ago

Thanks to Mermaid for serving the pax of Area51 as he has over the years. T-claps!
A few sundry comments:

  • Curd was the 4th Centurion miler. Clowncarred it with him as I needed the built-in accountability.
  • Kotters to Dolphin…and Morning After.
  • Thankful there’s still a shovel flag for Centurion. Is that the only A51 workout that still has one?
  • Good to see one of Robeson County’s favorite sons in attendance…actually worked out with a Metro pax recently who also hails from the land of The Robesonian
  • The 2 burpees I did during Mermaid’s disclaimer: did they make up for only doing 90 of the 125 merkins? #cobains

“that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.” – Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Gettysburg Address’

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