First ones here!

  • When:05/27/2021
  • QIC: Gummy

First ones here!

19 gentle men got the good parking spots at OPES, so at the end of the day, when the lots all full and everyone is fighting to get out, we’ll be the first ones out too.

Hydra is infamous (more than famous!) for its regular PAX. To Q Hydra, you need to be able to cadence count without anyone counting along, put up with constant chatter about your clothes, form, hair, odor and other personal characteristics, and watch as 50% of the PAX don’t even pretend to do the called exercises. The guys did not disappoint this morning. It’s ok, it’s how I know they love me.

After a perfectly adequate disclaimer, we headed off to see what I could come up with. It included:
– Warmup in the bus parking lot.
– Peoples’ Chair while your partner runs to the bleachers for jump-ups.
– The usual picnic area thing where one partner stands around the tables talking while the other jogs slowly out and back each of the four pathways between the fields.
– Some “sprints” and exercises on the big field in the back.
– Triple Nickel on the hill out the back
– A little planking and lunge walking
– The ol’ alternating mary exercise and “sprints” on the front field. Classic time filler.

Other notes and observations:
– A 6:00 start in the summer means full daylight the whole time. That’s not necessarily good. Semi Gloss looks better in the dark.
– Spackler is starting his own business. No sarcastic comment here. That’s pretty cool.
– Slingshot and Jet Fuel have made some capital improvements to the Hydra facilities. There are new picnic tables and painted dugouts. Not as important as the parking lot work Sprockets and I made during our reign, but nice.
– Lots of discussion about the band who sang some old song. Hopper figured it out when he got his phone but I don’t remember the details. I’m sure it was amazing.
– I ignored the guys’ warnings about the prickles on the fields until I stuck my hand in one. No more hands on the ground on the back field. The front field was ok though.
– Prohibition (not pictured) is an Instagram influencer, although not very good since none of us could remember what liquors he sells.

– Rock Zero hosts their annual Memorial Day Weekend workout on Saturday. 7:00 at Calvary. You should go. When is the last time you did 100 burpees?
– Convergence on Monday at Base Camp. 7:00 at South Charlotte Middle school.
– Brewery on Saturday, June 5 at noon. Details coming soon from Tuck. Starts at a Plaza Midwood brewery where we’ll drink a beer, then run to another brewery. Repeat for 6ish total breweries. Then go home and take a nap. It’s a social event, not a race.
– Geraldo had an announcement but I stopped listening when I heard “ruck”. Ask him.

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3 years ago

Outstanding. Last comment was delicious!

3 years ago

Feels as if I was there… almost. But thats impossible as everyone knows Dolphins and the Trifuseniks rarely mix.

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